Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq:CPWR), the Detroit software and IT services firm, has published a new white paper titled: “Five Lessons Learned From the 2010 Online Retail Shopping Holiday Season.”

The paper explores five lessons learned by businesses in preparation for the 2010 retail shopping season to ensure their websites were ready for peak holiday traffic. These lessons come from actual customer cases, working with professional services and using Compuware Gomez Web Load Testing to prepare for their peak traffic.

This white paper outlines:
* The importance of planning often and early;
* Key business and IT drivers that must be considered to define an effective plan;
* The roles business and IT play in ensuring a successful peak traffic event;
* The role third-party contributors play in user experience and how to protect against issues with third-parties and;
* How to deal with geography, browsers and devices — by including them all.

Download the whitepaper at

The Gomez suite of applications from Compuware optimizes the performance of Web, non-Web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Driven by end-user experience, Gomez provides a unified view across the entire application delivery chain, from a user’s browser or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, in the cloud, to inside the data center, eliminating blind spots from the First Mile to the Last Mile.

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  1. Irais says:

    Dude, right on there brohter.

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