WARREN (WWJ) – Only a week and a half to go until the end of May, which is Governor Snyder’s target date to have a budget in hand. Those opposed to cutting education funding continue to try to gather support.

WWJ’s Pat Sweeting stopped by Pinewood Elementary School in Warren where state lawmakers, like 25th District John Switalski, were intensifying the push against cuts by the state to education funding.

“The school aid fund, in and of itself, has a surplus, this is a manufactured crisis, there is no reason other than pure ideology to cut one red cent,” says Switalski.

“The money is there, Proposal A and the school aid fund guaranteed that money would go to K-12 and the governor is subverting that money,” adds Switalski.

The representative charges that school aid dollars are being cut to pay for a $1.8 billion dollar tax cut.

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  1. hardwareguy says:

    There needs to be a clarification of taxation. How did it get to be that a company that has expenses, puts food on the table of its employees and pays taxes for social security,premium property tax rates,personal property taxes,state unemployment taxes and staggering energy and insurance costs etc. owes teachers money?? After all, the rest of the world is struggling and sacrificing. The teaching degree is not an annuity funded on the backs of productive members of society Do you really want these delusional thinkers shaping the minds of your children? Ignoring reality and not creating solutions won’t get the job done……but then again according to national and international comparison the student does not get much for our dollar…..but the teachers seem to have garnered a perpetual A.T.M. card for themselves…….

    1. dew0530 says:

      hardwareguy’s comment is interesting, but far from addressing a core issue here: like all Republicans, our Governor is far more concerned about benefiting business owners by cutting business taxes in some Quixotic attempt to create more jobs, than he is about the well-being of all of the citizens of our State. Of course, teachers, like all the rest of us, must make scarifices, and my belief is the same as it has been for decades: teaching is a calling, not a profession. On the other hand, perhaps Governor Snyder is an idealist. Perhaps in his perfect world, business owners would actually use the new money from the tax break to hire more workers, or reduce the prices of goods and services to us common folk. I doubt it.

  2. rick says:

    Why not have all teachers pay 20% towards their health plan. That could help a little. I know for a fact that some teachers pay very little or nothing at all towards health insurance. The free ride insurance is a thing of the past. Warren teachers make $60,000 – $85,000 and can’t afford to pay insurance premiums……….give me a break!

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