Brian Genesio, a developer at Ann Arbor-based SRT Solutions, has developed a baby sign language app for the new BlackBerry Playbook.

The app, developed in cooperation with, is an interactive baby sign language dictionary. The baby sign language dictionary includes 25 of the most common signs that parents use with their baby. Using content from, the dictionary includes illustrations, prose and video. 

The App is free and available exclusively for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet computer.

“Finding new ways to make technology interactive is the future of software development,” said Dianne Marsh, SRT Solutions’ co-founder. “As new platforms continue to emerge and gain prominence, so do the possibilities for software development. Working with on a tool for new parents is great collaborative and technical experience that can be applied to Apps that SRT Solutions develops for its clients.”

Genesio developed the baby sign language App during SRT Solutions’ learning time; developers take advantage of learning time to experiment with new development approaches so that they’re experienced in using these tools before needing them for a client project. 

The baby sign language App was developed using Flex in Flash Builder. Flex allows the App to be distributed on Android without writing extra code. In the near future, Flex will run on iOS, the operating system behind Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

SRT Software provides businesses with customized, reliable, secure software. The company uses the best available tools and processes to write custom software for enterprise systems, specialized machines, embedded products, mobile devices, and web platforms. SRT Solutions also works with its clients’ software developers on-site on their current projects, teaching them to apply new technologies.

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