MILFORD (WWJ) – A tragic incident near Milford this past weekend took the lives of two people. 48-year-old Doug Killingbeck of Milford was trying to save 16-year-old John Przydatek of Harrison Township, when both drowned near the base of the Huron River Dam in Milford.

The teenager and a friend were fishing from a canoe, Saturday, when it capsized. Killingbeck had put on a life jacket before going in, but police say the force of the choppy waters stripped it off of him. The 16-year-old friend with Pryzdatek was able to make it to shore.

Pryzdatek was a junior at Lanse Cruese High School, and was an avid outdoorsman. Killingbeck was known for his selflessness, according to his family. And they say as an experienced canoeist, he knew the dangers of going into the water.

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  1. r says:

    I’m sick of your website regularly reloading the pages while I’m in the middle of reading a news article. Then I lose my place and have to start over. Or, instead, I often just close the window.

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