SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Who vandalized the $500,000  baseball field next to the Southfield Civic Center that’s used by the Miracle League of Michigan? That’s what the organization and its volunteers want to find out.

Speaking with WWJ Newsradio 950, the league’s long-time announcer, Vic Doucette described the damage.

“There have been obscenities painted on the surface of the field. The field is made of rubber, so that it is accessible to wheelchairs and walkers and items of that nature,” he said.

“There was some stuff painted on our announcer booth and there as also some stuff painted on one the sides of our snack bar,” Doucette said.

The baseball diamond is used by children with special needs, including Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy.

The field was built in 2004.

Doucette said he’s not certain how much repairs are going to cost, but he’s sure it will take a big chunk out of their budget.  The Detroit Free Press reported it will cost $60,000 to replace a portion of the infield.

Officials are working to remove or cover the graffiti by opening day for the season in about two weeks. They’re seeking donations to help cover the costs.

You can learn more about the Miracle League at this link.

Click on here for information to donate to the Miracle League.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (7)
  1. Jim says:

    They know who this gang is. Round up their butts, and put them away permanently. Do we need to call in the Navy? You know, the ones who Osama?

  2. Mike says:

    $60,000? Is that some kind of a joke? Is a can of appropriately-coloured spraypaint really that hard to find?

    1. I'm With Stupid ^ says:

      Obviously you can’t read. They clearly stated that it was already going to cost them $60,000 to replace the infield, and that the vandalism would add more to that total.

  3. Scott says:

    Spelling isn’t a strong point for the vandal(s), LOL

    1. Cody says:

      I love it how they threw the capital “H” in there. Quite the scholars these people are.

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