Stress produced by our uncertain times, economic collapse and continuing warfare has caused an increase in teeth clenching and grinding that is reaching epidemic proportions.

“Stress is responsible for teeth clenching and grinding,” said Dr. Joe Pelerin of Lake Orion, who has practiced family dentistry for three decades. “And what most people don’t realize is that teeth grinding and clenching not only damages teeth and fillings and leads to receding gums and root canals, but also can be the cause of migraine headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck, back and ears.”

That solution is GrindGuardN, , a patented, FDA-approved mouth guard that Pelerin says is more effective and less costly than rival products.

“The cheap $20 to $30 over-the-counter mouth guards available in drug stores actually can increase grinding and clenching, and more expensive traditional horseshoe devices provide some relief but are uncomfortable to use and can cost $200 to $500 or more,” Pelerin said.

GrindGuardN, which can be purchased online to qualified buyers for $50, has worked so effectively for his patients that Pelerin is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to all buyers.

His invention stands apart from all other devices because of its patented Central Power Bar that releases the stimulus for clenching, thereby reducing clenching and grinding activity by 70 percent.

“Because it concentrates  forces on the upper and lower midline at the same time when a patient clenches, GrindGuardN is the only device ever shown to reduce clenching and grinding without having to visit the dentist,” Pelerin said. “GrindGuardN is a game changer that has changed lives in dramatic ways. GrindGuardN can be easily fitted at home, eliminating the need to spend $200 to $500 to have a dentist fit the device. GrindGuardN is easy to fit, is very comfortable to wear, and is highly effective. I’ve invented some 10 products but I take the greatest pleasure from inventing GrindGuardN because of the terrific, life-changing results that patients experience.”

A family dentist for 30 years, Pelerin practices mercury-safe dentistry at Meadowbrook Dental in Auburn Hills. He is also the founder of Advantage Dental Inc., Lake Orion, to develop products that enhance care and comfort for patients. Pelerin has invented 11 dental products including GrindGuardN. He is a charter member of the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists, and member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and American Dental Association.

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