Prices At Pump May Spike Within Next 48 Hours

DETROIT (WWJ)– Expect to pay more for gas as soon as Tuesday, with an expected increase of 10 to 30 cents within the next 48 hours and stay that high for several weeks, according to Analyst Patrick DeHaan of Gas

DeHaan says the increase is being blamed on a problem with a refinery in Chicago.

“Exxon Mobil says that they suffered an unexpected refinery issue at their facility outside of Chicago, that has caused concern about supply and going into the Memorial Day weekend and that is pushing up wholesale gasoline prices, stations already paying a higher price than they were last week,” says DeHaan.

“I do agree, it’s fairly uncommon, it’s kind of suspect that this incident would occur just several days before the Memorial Day weekend,” says DeHaan.

Dehaan expects the higher prices to last for several weeks.

  • Out of Gas and Coasting to a Stop

    Heaven forbid the multi-billion dollar Exxon Mobil Money Misers suffer through an issue in Chicago. So lets pass their unrelenting grief onto the consumer. How much more payment is required with this incessant vacuuming of every middle class worker’s nickels and pennies? How many more billions are needed to be siphoned off in the name of Fortune’s Top Billionaire LIst? How long can Mammon run the show? Will America be bifurcated to a Third World State and neighboring Super Rich Kingdom? What happened to American team work?

  • d

    Gas should cost on average about $2/gallon and that is that! These companies are making like $390M/day and we the people and the economy is suffering. When is Washington going to grow a set and do something about this?

  • KM

    Are you KIDDING me?! Yes, this is suspect. The timing is unbelievable. It strains credulity to think they just happened to have some vague “refinery problem” just before the Memorial Day holiday and the start of the summer driving season.

  • Tom

    What I don’t understand is why are all fuel prices going up such as HP and Valera? How are they affected by Exxon Mobile’s problems??

  • bob

    It’s simple, the price wars of the 70’s are gone, the oil companies stick together and set the price across the board to maximize profits. they claimed in congress they retain .06 cents per gallon profit, of course profit is minus bonus’s and mega millions in salaries, but i’d like to see a breakdown of who is getting what percentage of the 4.00 i’m paying at the pump. their companies are traded on the open market, they have to make their earnings public. why does noone report on this?. welcome to america

  • bob

    great, now my comment has been commercialized…WTH

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