LANSING (WWJ) – Buried in the state welfare budget is a provision to deny state aid to persons who may be poor and cannot afford to bury their loved ones.

If the body is unclaimed, the state will provide money for the burial. But, if the body is claimed, they will not provide financial assistance.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick caught up with Republican State Senator Roger Kahn at the capital building.

Kahn believes citizens should consult other sources instead of asking the state for help.

“We feel that they ought to be able to find the resources to be able to bury their loved ones,” Kahn said.

“So, the people out there who say, ‘Look you know, I’d love to bury my dad but I don’t have the money and I’m turning to the state,’ you’re going to turn a deaf ear?” Skubick asked.

“No, not at all. We’re going to ask them to do what most people do, to get together with their family and find a way to take care of their loved ones,” Kahn replied.

Other changes to the state welfare budget include reducing aid to the clothing allowance program for children on welfare, as well as reducing the disability assistance monthly payment from $269 to $200 for new applicants.

The cuts are part of Governor Rick Synder’s revised budget plan.

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  1. liberty says:

    AS Tim Skubick well knows, the death industry in Michigan is one of the most powerful criminal syndicates in the state. Michigan has one of the highest funeral costs in the country and mandates super expensive caskets for burial. How about some real reporting of what it really costs and who can afford it?

    1. Heather Heath says:

      liberty you are sadly mistaken on that. the state of michigan does not mandate ANY type of casket, as far as the state is concerned you can be buried in a bedsheet straight in to the dirt. The state also does not set rules on what type of casket, vault, funeral, memorial, urn… you must have, each individual funeral home does. Nothing forces a family to spend 7k on a funeral other than their own want. The average funeral in the US last year was $7775 before cemetery charges, which in our county average out at about $733 plus each cemetery individually sets their policy on whether or not to require a vault which can cost anywhere from $600 and up…or people can have someone cremated and spend, in some cases, less than $750.00. If anyone wants real statistics and facts they should check out the Federal Trade Commission, National Funeral Directors Association and/or Michigan Funeral Directors Association to know what their actual rights are…being buried in a cardboard box is one of them, if you choose that.
      Best regards,
      Your local, non criminal, honest to goodness interested in what is best for the family Funeral Director.

      1. liberty says:

        Average Michigan costs of $6800 plus, cemetary costs(1000+). I guess a low-cost funeral/cemetary would be a real benefit to Michigan. I’ve spoken with funeral directors and not one can justify the average of 6800 bucks for the rental of a room to show a body for 2 days and move it to a cemetary. Its their cost of doing business. yeah right.

  2. Michael Lee says:

    why dont the state just cut the welfare all together then they will be happy there be roits like we havent seen since the 60s

    1. Andrew P. says:

      heaven save us from all the “roits”.

  3. says:

    We are with the state on this one! About time!

  4. alex says:

    I personally am sick or paying for them to accept being poor then burying them too. Its called being responsible and not dependent. Here’s a thought, allow organs to be harvested and then maybe gift of life and the state can oay for a burial, forget the funeral and wake, you have to pay for that.

    1. nick says:

      Completely agree Alex!

    2. Stephanie K says:

      Every state should have the right to not pay for buriels for those who refuse or can’t pay. Immediate cremation after organs being removed for donation and cardboard box for the family if they want the ashes.

    3. Heather Heath says:

      Alex, as a local funeral director I can say that THAT is a great idea! You help us, we’ll help you. The researchers need the tissue and the family needs help, sounds like a good connection to me.

    4. Kathy Shaw says:

      Your right, people should be made to be more responsible for themselves and their own affairs. Including burial expenses. Your idea about organ donation, is a good one and would help a lot of people.

  5. jay car says:

    Why not donate the bodies to medical schools? Cadavers help train our future dotors.

    1. liberty says:

      Great idea, however, my father-in-law is donating his body to UofM and afterward, since they will not take the body, he had to pay $1000 to have the rest of his body moved and cremated. UofM has billions.

  6. Paul K says:

    Just throw them in a mass pit burn/bury them. No one cares about these welfare jockys that are milking out state dry. The less there are, the less I have to pay for them. It’s us vs. them.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      well thats a little harsh… but yeah

  7. Michael says:

    the law doesn’t mandate anything, that’s the problem. Heather speaks like a capitalist, Oligarch, Imperialist, Totalitarian pharisee. She’d rather put an old wrinkly dollar in a red kettle once a year to assuage her shallow conscience and forget about it.

  8. Michael says:

    I’ll donate the remains of what’s left in my colon to all the Republican out there when I die.

  9. Michael says:

    Sick of paying a couple of pennies on the dollar for some poor persons burial? Yet, you’ll pay five bucks a gallon for gas when it gets here without as much as a whimper. Start with the grand theft and work your way down to the poor people.

  10. Michael says:

    Haha! You’d be more than happy to take a liver from a poor person wouldn’t you. That liver is worth more than a lousy cremation and certainly worth more than a hundred luxury caskets. Why don’t you put your order in with the local Hindu organ dealer? See what there going for. Capitalistic, porcine Oligarch.

  11. Michael says:

    what a ghoul!

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