Pat Caputo-Lions Nate Burleson: Innocent Or Insensitive Comment About Detroit Area?

Lions’ wide receiver Nate Burleson’s comments about Detroit are not appreciated at face value. He said of the Lions’ lockout workouts to a Seattle television station: “Seeing about 35 guys there working out — this time of year, in Detroit is not the most desirable place, so you got guys flying in, paying for their own hotel, paying for rental cars — so that just kind of shows the dedication and really the direction of our team right now.”

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  • Nate Burleson Joins Valenti And Foster « CBS Detroit

    […] night in Seattle. Nate talked about 35 players going to the Lions player-organized workouts and how Detroit isn’t the most desirable city to go to. Well people really took his comments out of context. Nate was talking about the weather in the […]

  • Hank

    Personally I do not see a problem with what he said at all. He is merely saying they are doing everything themselves to show team unity and try to win something for a city, which we all know is down trodden, that has not won a damn thing in football professionally for 50+ years.

    The truth hurts. Detroit is not desirable!! Detroit needs help and a complete attitude re make. I did not take what he said in the wrong tone. I clearly understand what he was saying and it was something positive to show effort to a city that has nothing!!!

  • Don

    He said “This time of year”, which probably had more to do with the March weather than anything about the city.

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