DETROIT (WWJ) – Want to get into shape for the summer? There’s something the Detroit Lions do that you can, too… right in the comfort of your own home.

The workout is called “rope training,” and Detroit Lions trainer Steve Mann of Athletic Republic in Auburn Hills said the strength and cardio work out is a big part of the football team’s conditioning.

“They’re called ‘Ropes Gone Wild,’ and they’re offered through Art of Strength. But, you can also find ropes at hardware stores and other places all over,” Mann said.

As WWJ’s Sandra McNeil reports, once you have the heavy rope, you secure one side and then you basically play with it.

“You’re going for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds of rest. As far as the movement of the rope, you can really be creative. You can alternate the ropes, left-hand to right-hand, you can turn and twist them and make swirls with them. Or, you can slap them two-handed on the ground,” Mann said.

You can even use the ropes to do squats and jumping jacks. But you should be forewarned, the workout can be difficult and strenuous.

Mann said you will know it’s working if you feel uncomfortable, tired and out of breath. But if you can stand the pain the payoff is big, with a burn of 600 to 800 calories an hour.

“You can really be creative with the work out because any kind of movement you are doing with that rope is going to force your core to activate. And it’s going to force your shoulders and your arms to get involved. If you move them at a steady pace, your cardio burn is going to be incredible,” Mann said.

Mann also said it’s a great workout for those trying to tone their midsection to get the six-pack they’ve always wanted.

For more information about Art of Strength’s Ropes Gone Wild, visit


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