By Ron Dewey

DEARBORN (WWJ) – Auto repair shops expect more work as temperatures continue to climb this week, said WWJ’s Ron Dewey.

Paul Van Dorn, the shop manager for Village Ford’s service department, expects to see a rush of air conditioning and coolant issues with the hot weather and cooler spring keeping people from getting service earlier.

“It’s very important that the cap and filters be maintained,” said Van Dorn.  “If you don’t have a good clean filter in there, you will have air flow problems, so you won’t feel the AC blowing properly.”

Hot weather can create lots of problems for your car’s tires as well.  Van Dorn said proper tire pressure in hot weather makes a difference between getting there and getting a flat.

“Tires tend to create heat which will expand more,” said Van Dorn.  “This will create more air pressure, which makes them harder, which you don’t want in the summer time because they will blow.”

In addition, car owners need to replace the cabin filters to keep the air flowing and watch the car’s temperature for any problems in the cooling system, said Van Dorn.

“Keep an eye on temperature gage if you see a spike in your temperature gage,” said Van Dorn.  “You might have a thermostat issue or a coolant leak possibly.”

If you have an older car, Van Dorn says keep an eye on belts and hoses that may be showing their age.  Also look for any leaks in the driveway, as they could lead towards possible engine damage if not looked at in time.

A Heat Advisory remains in effect until 8 p.m. Tuesday. (More details)


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