Ex-Mayor’s Tell-All Book, Available For Pre-Order

DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s autobiography is now available for pre-order on the web. “Surrendered; The Rise, Fall & Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick” offers the ex-mayor’s point of view on a number of topics, including the scandal that led to his fall from kilpatrick book Ex Mayors Tell All Book, Available For Pre Orderpower.

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According to the publisher’s website, in this book, “Kilpatrick takes a vividly intimate, unashamed and honest look at the mental, physical and spiritual mettle required to hold steadfast in the midst of the personal hell that often accompanies public humiliation and private damnation.”

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with Detroit Free Press Reporter M.L. Elrick who covered the Kilpatrick saga and also co-wrote “The Kwame Sutra,” a book about the mayor’s problems.

Elrick said he’s not sure how much news this book will break, although it’s bound to be interesting.

“I don’t expect it to have much journalism value, in that it’s balanced or includes other viewpoints. But I’ve been looking forward to its completion probably since sometime in December when it heard it was in the works,” he said.

“I think his story is one that is told from different perspectives every time he tells is. So, I think to find out where the truth lies, this book might  be helpful in giving us yet another position from which to triangulate,” Elrick said.

In a quote posted on the book’s website, Kilpatrick says, “I am ready to set the record straight and let the truth be known.” You can find out more about the book and pre-order your copy, at this link.

  • Jaberwocky

    How exactly did he “hold steadfast”? Steadfast is a synonym for “faithful” – as in “steadfast husband and father”.

  • Jaberwocky

    How exactly did Kwame “hold steadfast”? Steadfast is a synonym for faithful – as in “steadfast husband and father”.

  • Steven Chorkawy

    It depends if it is one ply or two ply. I only buy 2-ply. It absorbs more.

  • Dr. Wu

    First of all, the book must be fiction…. Right? He lies about the lies. Secondly, the only ones who really want to spend that much money for a fiction, are truly too stupid to read anyways!!

  • Bob

    Maybe the City of Detroit should sue Kwame for all revenue from this book to pay the city back for the money swindled and damage done!?!?!? THAT sounds like a good story I’d like to read

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  • Primetime Editorials

    if you all buy this book your stupid
    here he goes again ripping off the hearts and the pockets of black detroit when he is released how bout yall do som more investigating him
    he is a loser

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