A viral video called 50 State Stereotypes In Two Minutes, is making the rounds on the Internet.

According to the video, Michigan is known for cereal makers (lower peninsula) and serial killers (upper peninsula). The Kellogg cereal company is surely one of the most noteworthy features of our state, but is the upper peninsula really synonymous with murderers?

The video promotes a book, States of Confusion, by comedian and web video producer Paul Jury.

Jury describes the book as “The ridiculous story a direction-finding road trip to all 48 contiguous states in a ’93 Eurovan.” He also admits that the video has little to do with the book, but with nearly one million views on YouTube at the time this article was posted, it’s hard to argue that the video isn’t bringing attention to the book.

Notice that while the background for each segment is intended to look like the state being referenced, it appears that they’re all shot in California.

The stereotypes were voted on the author’s blog at paulspond.com

Leave a comment and tell us what you think the stereotype should be?


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