Never thought I’d ever get more email or feedback on a Tiger other than Brandon Inge but you sir, you’ve done it.

I’m all out of answers and ideas. It’s sad. I literally have no reasonable explanation why Ryan Raburn plays every day for this baseball team. As a player who is defined by his bat, he is hitting .196. And darn near leading the AL in strikeouts. Add to that his absolutely terrible defensive play wherever they play him and you’ve got a real head scratcher.

Don’t get it twisted, I feel for the guy. He’s a person. He plays for this city. He clearly is “fighting it” as they say. But I cannot sit here and make any excuses for him. This is a cut and dry business. Just ask Mr. Sizemore. Not only is Raburn not getting it done at the dish but he is literally coasting this team runs in the field. It must end.

What other options do the Tigers have? A lot…if you’re into mediocrity. At this current stage you may as well throw in any combination of Wells, Dirks, Boesch, and when healthy Ordonez. Leave second base duties to a platoon of Worth and Santiago. Guys it’s not groundbreaking but it’s all I got.

Clear as day this team has got to make a trade. What isn’t so clear is this team’s budget and ability to deal youth. If Ilitch is willing to give Dombrowski and Leyland full power to save their jobs and win now than he will green light a trade dealing the few legit prospects this team has. If Ilitch has his eye on true franchise stability…he doesn’t. One thing is for sure, the clock is ticking. Twins won’t be handing you games forever.


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