BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – 1970’s comic book meets 2011 movie technology in X-MEN FIRST CLASS. The latest addition in the X-Men trilogy gives viewers a look at how Professor X first formed his mutant humans into the X-Men and also provides a background look into how the X-Men are first discovered. X-MEN FIRST CLASS meshes the “older” mutants with “newer” mutants, who all become a part of something much bigger than they could ever hope to be alone.

The audience is first introduced to Professor X – who is an expert in gene mutation – while he is pursuing his goal of becoming a university professor. Later, we are introduced to Magneto, whose family is captured and sent to a concentration camp in Europe.

X-MEN FIRST CLASS explores the relationship between Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) before they become adversaries. The movie is set during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1960’s) and pits the world’s superpowers against the mutant humans. Professor X and Magneto team up to help preserve the mutant’s lives, but you also sense the differences each of them have when it comes to co-existing with the non-mutant human population.

We later see Professor X and Magneto fill the roles we are familiar with once the world is saved from nuclear war. Professor X and his X-Men take quiet refuge as they re-group and fight for acceptance in the world while Magneto is recruiting from the “Brotherhood of Mutants” to seek world dominance.

True comic book fans will be hard to please with X-MEN FIRST CLASS, due to the storyline straying away from one we are all familiar with. But if you are seeking a family film with tons of action and better insight as to how Professor X and Magneto come to exist, then X-MEN FIRST CLASS is the ideal movie for you and your family.

X-MEN FIRST CLASS is rated PG-13. It is in theaters now.

See the trailer by clicking here.

– Ralph Sylvester, Guest Entertainment Reporter*

*X-MEN FIRST CLASS is the second movie review by Ralph Sylvester, the son of WWJ’s Entertainment Reporter, Terri Lee. Ralph is an X-Men fan, along with being a comic book aficionado.


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