By Mike Campbell

DETROIT (WWJ) – A sign posted at a Detroit playground is raising some eyebrows.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell reports a sign at a playground lot on Cardoni near the 8 Mile Road, I-75 area reads: “This city is infected by crackheads.”

Wallace Hill, who is a resident of the area, said the signs have been up for about a month.

“Yeah, we’re having trouble. A lot of breaking in, a lot of stealing, unnecessariness [sic]. The guy who put them up, it was his idea to try to weed out the crackheads around here, to get them to move out of this area,” Hill said.

But are the signs serving their purpose or just providing an eyesore?

“I’ve seen less crackheads so, it’s working,” Hill said.

Before the signs were posted, Hill said three of his lawnmowers were stolen. Since the signs have been up, none of Hill’s possessions have been taken.

Another sign on the playground reads: “Warning, now entering war zone. No soldiers on duty.”

  1. Jim says:

    Tell it like it is folks. Now, if you could just put a skull of one of them on a pole, it would further the warning.

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