DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been 30 years since AIDS cases were reported in the U.S. Thirty million have died from AIDS worldwide and 33-million are living with it, or are HIV positive.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher stopped at Motor City Pride and has been talking with people about advances in treatment for the disease.

Steve Pejuan a volunteer with the Michigan AIDS Coalition says that even though people are living longer with HIV and AIDS there are still too many people dying from HIV – especially in Africa and other parts of the world.

Pejuan said the highest risk group is for those under the age of 24.

Tom Zarafa of Oak Park is a former volunteer with the Mid-West Aids Prevention Project: “I still don’t think young people have gotten the message yet about playing safe, certainly the highest rate of new infection, right now, is taking place among people of color, that’s happening because a lot of bi-sexual men are carrying the virus to their wives or girlfriends who are in turn passing it on to their off-spring,” said Zarafa.

Zarafa states that you are not hearing as much about AIDS because it has become more manageable for those that can afford the drugs.

  1. aiden says:

    ARV drugs do not cure people of the HIV virus or AIDS, they only make people sick. Most people do not realize that ARV drugs actually feed the HIV virus so that the virus doesn’t go into full blown AIDS and consume the entire body. Thus, ARV drugs keep one alive but at the expense of immense pain and suffering, feeding the virus their happiness and energy .Listen to the audios to see how Aids is being cured without drugs :

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