Fowlerville-based Total Security Solutions, a manufacturer of bulletproof glass, said Wednesday it had invested in a new water jet cutting system. The system enables Total Security Solutions to deliver more custom bulletproof glass options to its banking, retail, municipal and other clients.

“The market demand for custom bulletproof glass continues to grow as do the options for providing new services to the market,” said Jim Richards, Total Security president. “The investment in this state of the art water jet gives Total Security Solutions the ability to match our products to an architect’s vision, providing us, and our partners, significant competitive advantage.”

Total Security Solutions’ invested in an Intec 510, a five-foot-by-10-foot, two-axis X-Y abrasive water jet cutting system. The fully integrated abrasive water jet machine can cut almost any material up to six inches thick.

The water jet’s water-only capabilities mean that the machine can cut soft materials as well as glass and acrylic.

“The ability to add custom pieces, like trays, speakers or frames is important,” Richards said. “The water jet adds the flexibility Total Security Solutions needs to deliver a variety of manufacturing options to our clients.”

In addition to delivering new manufacturing capabilities, the water jet helps Total Security Solutions improve productivity, a key benefit for the growing business.

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