IMLAY CITY (WWJ) – School officials say a 6th grader has been struck and killed by a train.

According to a statement released by Imlay City Community Schools Superintendent Gary Richards, Thomas Rodriguez was walking to school when he was hit by the train traveling westbound near Third Street and Handley in Imlay City.

“We are deeply distressed by this tragedy and the loss of Thomas. We extend our heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the Rodriguez family,” Richards said.

A district crisis response team is on site to assist grieving students and teachers.

Police said the gate was down at the time of the accident and that the warning lights were operating.

The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information regarding the accident is asked to contact the Imlay City Police Department at (810) 724.2345.

The student’s death comes as SEMCOG reports that train crashes have fallen in southeast Michigan by 38 percent.  Also down, the number of motorcycle and bike crashes, car-deer accidents and alcohol related crashes.  Overall, though, SEMCOG said that the number of accidents were up in 2010 over the year before.

Comments (4)
  1. Jim says:

    Kids need to put the phones, ear plugs, and other distractions down when walking. Really, how does one miss seeing a train? Lights, bells, whistles, maybe a crossing guard is needed to protect people from themselves. I’m just sayin’.

    1. someone says:

      he was a friend of mine and he was trying to beat the train to get to his friends that were on the other side of the train tracks i just now came upon this comment and its going to be almost a year without him

  2. Tony Rodriguez says:

    It is really a shame that this had to happen ,,and to a young child,,,
    no one is at fault here,,,he made the wrong choice,,to try and beat the train
    My heart goes out to his family,,,and to them I can only say,, He’s with God,,he is not dead ,,He is just away,, To this young MARINE SEMPER FI

  3. rick says:

    This deeply hurts me. I am an enployee at CN rail and,and on occassion, work near there. This is a great tragidy. I have children. I weep for Tommy. i weep for Tommy’s family. God, how can i help. I cannot imagine the hurt.. Please help them.

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