Protesters, Entrepreneurs Greet Romney In Livonia

LIVONIA (WWJ) – Protesters greeted Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as he made a stop, Thursday, at a Livonia Coney Island.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer was on hand for the protest, saying that Romney’s call for structured bankruptcy doesn’t square with what he said during his campaign in 2008.

romney auto protest Protesters, Entrepreneurs Greet Romney In Livonia
Protesters greet Mitt Romney (WWJ Photo/Ron Dewey)

“What he said was, don’t give them any assistance. Let them go out of business, let them liquidate, and that’s what we’re here today to talk about, Brewer told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Ron Dewey.

These people wouldn’t have jobs. These businesses would not be in place had Mitt Romney been President, back in the fall on 2008,” Brewer said.

UAW members, Democrats and other opponents say Romney shouldn’t expect Michigan worker’s support for the White House when he didn’t support them.

Romney told a diner outside the restaurant that the automakers should have gone through a private bankruptcy without the federal aid. The businessman and former Massachusetts governor says he believes “in the process of law” rather than bailouts

Speaking later Thursday at Tech Town, Romney continued to stand by his 2008 remarks, saying he felt GM and Chrysler should go through a structured bankruptcy, to the objection of the UAW.

“I love the auto industry. I love American cars. I drive American cars, and I laid out a plan to get America’s industry on its feet again, and that’s happened. And, by the way, it was the UAW that said no reorganization,” Romney said.

“Ultimately, the car companies did go through a managed bankruptcy, and they shed some of the excess debt, some of the excess burdens of their distribution system, and some of the excess costs that had imposed by the UAW over the years. So, I’m pleased that that process was carried out,” he said.

Romney took part in business roundtable with entrepreneurs where he lauded their efforts.

“I get the chance to go to business incubators around the country. But, to find young people who are not yet entrepreneurs but want to become entrepreneurs, and then to give you the tools and some testing of some ideas which seem to have merit is really quite unique,” Romney said.

Asked if he would consider doing some pro-bono business mentorship, Romney made a light-hearted and somewhat self-deprecating comment about his campaign’s prospects.

“It’s conceivable, Amy, that in eighteen months I may need a job,” Romney said. (More on this story, here).


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