He admits it’s a “radical” idea, but the Emergency Manager of Pontiac has written a letter to Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson asking for a meeting to discuss the possibilities of merging the city with the county. 

In a letter to Patterson obtained by WWJ and dated June 8th, Michael Stampfler says he would like “to have an early discussion with you to discuss the possibilities for merger of Pontiac into/with Oakland County.”  The letter goes on to say “I realize this is perhaps a radical concept but I hope the positive consequences associated with such an initiative may be carefully weighed against the negatives of continuing the present situation.” 

The letter also includes the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and says there is an $11.3 million revenue loss expected for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and a total deficit of $12.5 million as of June 30th, 2012.  The deficit is projected to rise to $24.2 million by June 2013. 

Stampfler indicated he will be making recommendations  concerning the budget in the coming days and mentions bankruptcy.

It’s unclear if a merger is possible, although early indications from Patterson’s office is the county is not interested. 

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is to begin patrolling Pontiac streets in July.  That consolidation of services is expected to save Pontiac $2.2 million dollars a year starting next year. 

Stay tuned to WWJ Newsradio 950 or click back for the latest on this story.  


Comments (3)
  1. CC Davis says:

    This is an interesting concept that I hope the OOakland County Executive is willing to entertain. We’re all for “Regionalization” and “Consolidation” when it comes to others. Let’s see how serious “WE are.o

  2. Jim says:

    So the name Pontiac as a city just disappears, just like the car of the same name? I’m just askin’.

  3. A Michigan Resident says:

    LIke Jim, I’m asking the same question about Detroit automotive abandoning its Michigan investment. GM gave up on the Pontiac brand and then it gave up on the Pontiac city. GM is now run by a Wall Street kind of guy with Admiral pedigree. Wall Street and military boat floating leadership is the next chapter in the GM Company’s stochastic method of building for the future. One can clearly see that GM automotive and its Board of Directors believe anyone can run a highly technical, highly complex engineering and manufacturing complex. But then if you outsource all your engineering and manufacturing to China and India, what’s left to manage in Michigan. Maybe Pontiac can change its name to Chevrolet or Corvette.

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