When a tour bus operator found he had more passengers than seats, he put six people in the luggage compartment with mattresses and pillows.

Now the Michigan company has been ordered to cease commercial bus operations after the discovery during a trip to Ohio.

The order against Haines Tours of Gladwin was issued Friday by the U.S. Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

An Ohio State Patrol officer found six people May 27 in the luggage compartment of a bus traveling from Michigan to Clyde, Ohio. Mattresses and pillows were in the luggage area.

It is reported that the driver told the officer there was no room on the bus for more passengers.

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  1. mcnertny says:

    Was this a tour from mexico?

      1. 2late2matter says:

        Dunno, but I rode in the Guatemalan “chicken buses” which probably weren’t much less uncomfortable.

      2. Tula May says:

        Grr. in India they would be on the roof also..ruff

    1. ZinZanMan says:

      I LOVE IT! I am one of 10 kids and we all used to pile in my parents Bel Air station-wagon. My dad said he could tell if he left a kid somewhere by how hard we bottomed out over every bump in the road.

      I love this guy, he may be my long lost uncle.


      1. R. Ronaldo says:

        What’s the problem? If people agreed to it of their own free will, lt them travel in the luggage compartment.

        We should get used to this since the country is headed to third world status, this may be the only way some will be able to travel. But, I would refuse to share my space with a chicken as 2late2matter posted.

    2. Katykay says:

      Bet the mattresses had bed bugs…..what movie did they watch down there?

    3. Jimmy says:

      did anyone ever see the luggage compartment of a tour bus??? To say that people would be cramped would be a huge understatement!

    4. Ed Liebel says:

      can tell you greyhound is no better in over packing passengers… i had to stand from nashville all the way to dayton Ohio.. called dallas told them of the mess they said well here’s a 30 buck discount … told them what for i will never use them again

  2. Brian Colaruso says:

    Thank goodness this company doesn’t run an airline!

    1. Cas says:

      It’s called American Airlines !

    2. Alvar the Fool says:

      I’ll take a cargo “seat” if the price is right!

  3. Paul E. Ester says:

    Thirdworldization of america continues. I suspect they’ll be riding on the roof next just like India.

    1. Roland Stiles says:

      We are a third world country. US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece:

  4. S.holler says:

    If someone is dumb enough to get in the luggage department, they deserve whatever they get.

    1. wordpolice says:

      dumb enough to call it a luggage department

    2. proudnot2bliberal says:

      I agree 200%! 1st thing I said when I read this WTH really? Now im just saying but the 6 had to be mexican or of another 3 or 4th world economy.

      1. maggiesmomma says:

        Just to set the record straight…I was on this particular bus as a paying customer. The people riding under the bus were the driver’s family. They are American citizens. The driver was simply taking his family to Cedar Point along with the rest of us.

  5. Pat says:

    Awesome. I want to know how he broke the news to the “passengers”. Was it something they embraced or agreed to with some reluctance. Carbon monoxide vs ability to go rifling through peoples’ bags vs collision risk vs…

    Did he provide lighting? Bathroom breaks? Any gambling or prostitution going on in the belly of the bus? So many questions unanswered by this article!!

  6. Rikki Tikki says:

    Must not be too uncommon if he had matresses and pillows on hand.

    1. Riki Tiki says:

      You spelled my name wrong.

      1. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi says:

        Let me officially set the record straight.

  7. William Carter says:

    It’s common practice in Mexico for the “relief” driver to ride (and sleep) in the luggage compartment. Not bad digs, actually, if you want to stretch out and sleep for a while.

    Carbon monoxide aside, I don’t know if the luggage compartment is any more dangerous than the passenger compartment in an accident. Seat belt use is not required “upstairs”. Mattresses and pillows may actually provide superior protection.

    1. Berry Henson says:

      Well, by your opinion maybe the bus companies should charge extra for luggage compartment accomodations. “Sleeper compartments”, as it were. The truth here is that commercial transportation operators, including freight haulers, operate as close to the line of illegality as they can. Many times they go over the line. The drivers often times eschew good common sense safety practices for the purpose of making as much money as they can. It’s possible that this driver could have come up with this on his own, but I tend to think that he was ordered to do this by his superiors. The driver did not have the sense to know that he is not required to do anything illegal when ordered to do so by his boss. He cannot be punished for doing ther right thing. The fact that there were mattresses available in the luggage compartment makes me think this was anticipated. The company should be shutdown.

      A commercial driver with a brain…

      1. Alx1775 says:

        Of course the driver can be punished for refusing to do something illegal.

        All the company has to do is come up with some pretext – say, a safety violation. There are probably plenty of those already on this bus line – and the driver is terminated. Play ball, do what the company says, or walk.

        This isn’t how it *should* be, but how it is.

    2. The Comet says:

      Where injuries come from is the sudden decelaration. That is why seatbelts save lives because you decelarate with the vehicle. When you don’t have one it is the sudden stop into the object in front that does the damage. That is why race car drivers have the 4-point harness, and they now strap the heads to the headrest. So the body decelarates with the vehicle.

      1. Rikki Tikki says:

        It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom.

  8. JJ says:

    Well, gotta hand it to the guy for sheer improvisational skills.

  9. Error says:

    This is the Third World’s version of “We need a couple passengers to move to the back of the plane for weight and balance reasons…”

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Dude we are 3rd world, most of us dont know it yet….

  10. Jason says:

    Maybe this guy gets a per passenger commission. One can’t blame someone for trying to make an extra buck.

    1. Michael says:

      Exactly. Can’t blame someone for not paying their taxes. Can’t blame someone for ripping off a customer. Can’t blame someone for selling illegal substances. Can’t blame someone for doing quick work with uncertified parts. Just trying to make an extra-buck.

  11. Rhett1 says:

    That bus had to be from Detroit!

    1. Cas says:

      Was it full of ACORN voters going across atate lines again ?

  12. ZMEEKER says:

    HA HA! Hank Warren is dumb.

  13. C3po says:

    Obviously there was a whistle blower on the bus how else did the state trooper have the reason to stop the bus …no mention of probable cause for the traffic stop.

    1. maggiesmomma says:

      The whistle blower was a worker at the truck stop. I was on the bus.

  14. Atlas Shrugged says:

    I guess there was not enough room on the roof next to the chicken coops.

    New class of ridership, BAGGAGE.

  15. Cameron says:

    And the photo which accompanies this story not only has nothing to do with it; the photo is not even from this country.

    You should be ashamed and embarrassed, WWJ.

    1. Lauren says:

      The photo is from this country – that is symbol and name for the “Fung Wah” bus, you can see the “AH” from the end of the name. The bus runs out of Chinatown in at least NYC and Boston, and I’m sure other places in the US.

  16. Obama Load says:

    Typical in Mexico. With Obama our third world present-dent importing mexicans by the bus load it all makes sense.

  17. Egomet Bonmot says:

    Where in the flying pink Jesus did this guy find an entire busload of people who wanted to take a tour from •Detroit• to •Ohio•???

    1. wampum says:

      not Detroit. Gladwin, which is waaaaay north of Detroit. I don’t know how Gladwin, MI to Clyde, Oh is such a popular route. There is nothing in either of those towns.

  18. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    Did Obama throw them under the bus? Usual method for Obama Bin Lyin.

  19. Bill says:

    These dope paranoiacs who show up here turning everything into an Obama story really have to get a life.

    1. King Zahorik of Prague IV says:

      Just plain “Bill”. Live long and SUCK it!

    2. Lou says:

      yeah, we all know it was Bush’s fault

  20. Wix Zee says:

    lol, gotta love those silly Mexicans.

    1. Mauna says:

      When you have almost 2 million of them in your city getting free schooling, free healthcare thru medicaid, welfare, food stamps, you get to dislike them very much. They will take anything that is not nailed down, and some times will take the nails out.

      1. jackie Davis says:

        In response to Mauna comment, you must be making reference to your people. Stereotyping of one’s race is not base on facts but shows a persons ignorance.

  21. Carl Z. says:

    Wouldn’t this be a great Seinfeld episode? Like the one where all the businessmen slept in the drawers in Kramer’s apartment. Awright……

  22. Mongo Aurelio says:

    Benny Hills Tours did this decades ago…

  23. y not says:

    Awesome. Is smoking allowed in that section?

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Excellent question…that maybe how they were caught the smoke billowing out of the compartment….

  24. counterintuitive says:

    These beguiled passengers thought they were on the Queen Mary. Their tickets said “Steerage Accommodations”.

  25. Kylie StJohn says:

    Did the ones who sat below get a discount? I say put all the kids down there.

  26. Wm says:

    As a Christian former tour bus operator, I say that if God put Jonah in the belly of a whale, then we should be able to put passengers in the belly of a bus.

  27. Cal says:

    July 4, 1776-Nov. 4, 2008
    Cause of Death: Suicide!

  28. Alvar the Fool says:

    Wait how much did those “seats” cost. Will the airlines let me do that?

  29. Alvar the Fool says:

    Rob…re-read the article….and if this is still your comment, please tell me you don’t own any weapons….

  30. Paul says:

    I needed a good laugh…And this story did it! The economy class seats are getting worse.

  31. Early Ardmore says:

    This is luxury compared to riding in the landing gear on an airplane. Blankets, pillows and fellow baggage. Man that’s first class.


  32. davelucas says:

    I hope the passengers got a discount.

  33. Ron says:

    It sounds more comfortable than the seats – I wouldn’t mind it at all.

  34. dessertgirl says:

    First class buses in Mexico always carry an extra driver who sleeps in a compartment next to the luggage. Every 8 hours or so the bus pulls over and the drivers switch. I can’t help thinking that the air quality can’t be that good and the relief driver may take the wheel with a buzz on.

    1. somedude says:

      How is the air quality any worse than the driver position? The engine and exhaust is at the rear. Maybe sitting and idling, but moving the air should be fine LOL!

  35. fred says:

    If the passengers don’t mind, who cares? We have been dumbed down that we can’t make a move without the government telling us if we can or not. We are over regulated. No one forced these people. Let them decide.

  36. cecil says:

    The flip side of this tabloid saga is that the passengers got in the luggage area on their own accord and so they is responsibles.

  37. smokeybandit says:

    What’s more disturbing here…that the bus company made people “sit” in the luggage area…or that people actually agreed to it?

  38. Su Yu says:

    if the luggage compartment is rockin’,….don’t come a knockin’!

  39. KCview says:

    Will you be travelling coach, or sleeping compartment sir?

  40. Bill Clinton says:

    The lower deck bachelor pad equipped with a mirror ball and vibrating bed…

    They must be members of the 2 foot club.

  41. Kip Noxzema says:

    If that driver told me I had to cram into that compartment, I would’ve told him where he could cram it.

    Yeah, pull the license.

  42. stu says:

    When ya gotta gamble, ya gotta gamble..

  43. ToothAche says:

    I took AMTRAK from Tucson Az to Eugene, Or. It was 14 hours late coming into LA, the toilets overflowed, the was no food or fresh water available. Heading north to San Luis Obispo was another 9 hours, we got off for a 12 minute stop over just to have an undercover drug bust at the train station, add another 4 hours for a train search. Got into Eugene 19 hours late from LA. 1400 hundred miles, 33 hours late. Overflow toilets, no fresh water, no diner, snack bar sold out.

    I’ll take the luggage compartment.

  44. mac says:

    This is how my parents met

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