When a tour bus operator found he had more passengers than seats, he put six people in the luggage compartment with mattresses and pillows.

Now the Michigan company has been ordered to cease commercial bus operations after the discovery during a trip to Ohio.

The order against Haines Tours of Gladwin was issued Friday by the U.S. Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

An Ohio State Patrol officer found six people May 27 in the luggage compartment of a bus traveling from Michigan to Clyde, Ohio. Mattresses and pillows were in the luggage area.

It is reported that the driver told the officer there was no room on the bus for more passengers.

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  1. Bob Klingenberg says:

    Lots of Third World comments. I’ve ridden in a couple hundred buses in Latin America.. from Mexico to Chile. Their first class and above are better than what we have. As to the luggage compartment… On really long routes… some 20 hours or more… they carry 2 or even 3 drivers. One of the luggage compartments is outfitted as a driver’s sleeping area. Similar to the rear cab on a semi. They’d have a TV, fridge, air conditioning. I often wanted to ride down there. No way is it like being in a trunk. More like the first class on some trans pacific flights.

  2. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    Why is there no further reporting on this? Why so lazy?

  3. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    Just realized this item is linked to on Drudge.
    Get ready for a barrage of stupid comments.

  4. robert G says:

    Still it sounds more comfortable that air travel.

  5. gahusker says:

    The Democrats, socialists and other assorted progressives and Marxists have been successful in turning this once great country into a Third-world country so why should this surprise anyone?

  6. ohsnap says:

    That is a ‘Fung Wah’ bus. It’s a Chinese owned bus company that a lot of student take in this area. I am surprised that it’s still in operation. Google ‘Fung Wah reviews’ and you’ll see what I mean.

    1. ohsnap says:

      I mean the bus in the picture.

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