LANSING (WWJ) – Just days before a June 15th restitution hearing regarding any profits from the sale of his book, the State of Michigan says it wants the former mayor to pay back almost a million dollars for legal fees used when he was in office.

Michigan’s secretary of state is seeking $976,000 from imprisoned ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for using re-election campaign funds to pay legal fees associated with a criminal case that saw him jailed in 2008.

A spokesman for Ruth Johnson says a civil complaint has been filed with her department. An administrative hearing is expected.

The Bureau of Elections writes in the complaint that the charges arose from personal misconduct and that campaign funds shouldn’t have been used for legal fees.

More about the Kilpatrick book here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  1. Dr. Woo says:

    It’s only right… KK used the rest of the money for his own pleasure and he knew it. Additionally, he used the bulk of the loot to pay his attorney Jim Thomas. Thomas had to know that the money was dirty! He had too. But he didn’t care apparently. So goes the saga of KK…. LMAO

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