Father’s Day is coming up and I’m thinking of one of many special times I spent with my Dad. I was working out of state but flew back to Michigan to be my Dad’s fishing partner.

Dad gets his fish!

Daddy gets his fish!

Although it rained on our outing, it was a perfect day. Just the two of us, out on the Detroit River. So peaceful, the sound of the gulls, the gentle rocking of the boat, as we pulled fish after fish out of the water.  We caught about 30 bass that day! 

A good haul!

A good day's work!

Little did I know that would be our last fishing trip.  I lost my Dad to cancer.

Reflecting back on our lives, I was honored to be his daughter.

To be his daughter

To be his daughter

When I was little, it meant weekly trips to River Rouge Park and who could swing the highest.  There were airplane rides to bed on his broad shoulders and riding the rides at Cedar Point. He screamed louder than me!

Dad taught me to bake; he loved to eat!

Dads special key lime pie!

Dads special key lime pie!

We had food contests! He was the only one who would eat my desserts when I forgot to put the sugar in. He even asked for seconds and told me I’d make a great chef!

He was there to support me when I got my first job, driving hundreds of miles,  towing my car and clothes.  He sent me a miniature Christmas tree in the mail for my first Christmas away from home. I still have that tree and the decorations he chose.

He taught me to be self sufficient. Following  the purchase of my first house, Dad flew in to help me put up the ceiling fans and light fixtures.  We talked about wiring and the joy of power tools!  So, in my house, I’m Mrs. Fix It!

He was stoic, but was never too proud to get on his knees to pray each night. I learned faith, responsibility and honor and to be confident in my abilities; he would be so proud of me now!

He taught me the meaning of strength. During his last days, I was touched by his quiet dignity and grace.

Now you know a few of the reasons I was honored to be his daughter.  Tell me about your Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

Proud to be his daughter

Proud to be his daughter

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Comments (4)
  1. Kris Kelly says:

    Lori, I read this before going to work and you had me in tears. I had to go back and fix my make-up before I could leave! It brought back wonderful memories of my own father who passed away almost 20 years ago.

    When I was 12, we lived in southern California. One day Dad made everyone get up early to go for a drive. My sister and I didn’t want to spend a day riding around in a car with our parents, but when the Disneyland castle came into view we started pleading with my father to stop. He did…it had been the plan all along…and it was probably the best day ever!

    Dad only had a high school education but was the smartest man I knew. He was always reading…which might be where I got my love for books. When I got older, he would challenge me on things I said and we would get into long debates. He loved it…and it forced me to think things through rather than blindly just follow along. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Lori Pinson says:

      Hi Kris, I appreciate you sharing that wonderful memory of a special day with your Dad and his impact on your life.

  2. abergin says:


    What an amazing post! This brought tears to my eyes. It was almost like I met him through your words.

    Like you, I was blessed with an amazing Dad, and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.

    They will forever be missed.

    1. Lori Pinson says:

      Hi, This was my intention; to give you a sense of the person my Dad was. You are right, they will forever be missed. It’s Father’s Day and, really like all days, I am thinking of him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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