SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – The National Transportation Safety Board will single out Michigan as one of seven states not doing enough to crack down on so-called “hardcore drunk driving,” which is defined as driving drunk repeatedly or with a very high blood alcohol.

The NTSB’s Dr. Mark Rosekind says “hardcore drunk driving” is blamed for 70-percent of alcohol-related fatalities. “They estimate that a repeat offender has had 88 trips drunk before they get arrested. So a repeat offender, which means you’re getting them on the second time — 176 trips when they’re drunk before they get caught as a repeat offender,” says Rosekind.

One of the recommendations for the state from the NTSB is for Michigan to bring back sobriety checkpoints. Although the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the checkpoints violate the state’s constitution, Dr. Rosekind says they’re a good way to cut down on the “hardcore drunk driving.” “We just did a quick count, 38 other states in the country have sobriety checkpoints. Statewide, sobriety checkpoints are used as one of the counter-measures.” And, Rosekind says one interesting thing he noticed about the sobriety checkpoints is that sometimes they’re advertised, giving people an opportunity to avoid a certain area. And, still, drunk drivers will go through, which he says shows just how impaired these people are.

The NTSB will outline its other recommendations for the seven states at 11am Thursday.

Comments (3)
  1. liberty says:

    “Although the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the checkpoints violate the state’s constitution, Dr. Rosekind says they’re a good way to cut down on the “hardcore drunk driving.””. So, to hell with the Michigan constitution ! We’ll do what we want and worry about the laws of the states when we get caught. Why isn’t the news media doing their job and questioning the comments of people like this? By the way, I don’t support drunk driving.

  2. Joseph says:

    I feel far more “theatened” by drivers using cell phones than “hard core drunks”! I believe that are resources would be better spent on other issues. Besides I also believe that if the fine for drunk driving wasn’t so “steep”, (cash cow) the athorities would most likely not bother enforcing it.

  3. Michael says:

    One more attempt in an all out campaign to eliminate our rights and turn america into a police state. Nazi checkpoints! I can spot a drunk driver a mile away, Just do your job and stop picking away at my constitutional rights for profit! Law enforcement was never, never! meant to be a source of revenue! Stop harassing the innocent for what a few people do. You want to be a Nazi, get out of the United States!

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