Head over the the Six Mile location of Buddy's for a classic and flavorful pizza inspired by Detroit's Kid Rock.

According to the AP, “Buddy’s owner Robert Jacobs says ‘it just doesn’t get much more Detroit than Kid Rock’ on the decision to create the new pizza.”

When the newsroom heard about this pizza it was quickly decided that a taste test was in order.

If you haven’t been in the original Buddy’s you have to drop by. The interior is a cozy restaurant bar with years worth of personality.

Kid Rock's Badass Detroiter Pizza From Buddy's

(credit: George Fox/WWJ-TV)

I found a little sign inside the lobby area with a description of the Badass Detroiter Pizza. The sign reads, “Buddy’s original crust made with Kid Rock’s Badass American Lager with Motor City cheese blend, pepperoni on top, tomato basil sauce, shaved parmesan and Buddy’s spice blend.”

We grabbed two larges, which come in 8 pieces each. They were gone in about 15 minutes.

CBS Detroit web staff and WWJ newsroom staff sampled the goods. Here’s the dish …

The beer flavor wasn’t immediately noticeable, but after you’ve had a couple bites and it’s cooled a bit, the aroma of the hops and barley start to come through. I’d compare it to a really good beer batter on fish. It just adds that extra flavor profile that makes it special. There’s also something very unique about the sauce. It could be the basil, but I’m not sure if that’s in the normal sauce. The spice blend rocks! According to the menu you can request it on any pizza. Seems like they’re basically kicking it up a notch. Adding the beer to the dough, selecting pepperoni as a topping and adding the spice blend are a subtle but thoughtful way to improve on a proven recipe. I think they’re on to something. – Reviewer G.

Kid Rock's Badass Detroiter Pizza From Buddy's

(credit: George Fox/WWJ-TV)

Although it carries the classic Buddy’s cheese and pepperoni, the sauce is noticeably different. A sort of diced tomato, garlic, herb blend. Although I could not taste beer in the crust, I could tell it had a different taste than the original Buddy’s crust. I give it five stars. I was pleasantly surprised! – Reviewer R.

The first thing I noticed about this pizza was how good it smelled. Secondly, was the awesome taste. You could really taste the herbs and spices, and the chunks of tomatoes in the sauce were really good. That being said, the “bad ass” pizza didn’t taste much different than regular pepperoni pizza. I really didn’t notice much of a beer flavor in the crust. It was only after my second piece and eating only the crust did I notice a different flavor. Overall the pizza was good, but I don’t think it was the best I ever had. I might order it again, but I’m not sure I would drive all the way to the original location to eat it. If this pizza was offered at all of their stores, then I would definitely order it from the one that is close to me, but going all the way to Detroit, I’m not too sure. Special thanks to curious George for getting da za! – Reviewer S.

I could taste something special about the sauce and the crust, but I didn’t taste any beer per se. – Reviewer M.

Kid Rock's Badass Detroiter Pizza From Buddy's

(credit: George Fox/WWJ-TV)

Overall the response was positive, but there was only one problem. We weren’t able to enjoy American Badass beer with our lunch. It would have been a nice complement.

More Kid Rock news.


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