MARSHALL (WWJ/AP) –  Michigan plant is among the casualties of some big cuts announced by the Campbell Soup Company.  Company officials say they will eliminate 770 jobs around the world, including 30 at Campbell’s headquarters in New Jersey.

The company will also shut down its soup selling operation in Russia and close its manufacturing plant in Marshall, Michigan.

The major announcements come just a month before Denise Morrison took over from Douglas Conant as president and CEO of the world’s largest soup maker.

The job cuts will include layoffs, most of which will come in July.

About 130 of the 1,200 positions at its headquarters in Camden will be eliminated.  Campbell has about 18,400 workers around the world.

The company launched initiatives in 2007 to sell soup in Russia and China. The company says the China venture will continue.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (2)
  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    More Michigan manufacturing jobs are lost to a “China venture”.

    The American worker can’t compete with slave labor. There should be a content law reminding American business it is the American armed serviceman and woman that defends all American business. Some of them don’t return the favor.

    Michigan needs to get smarter

  2. Zygmunt Dworzecki says:

    Well so much for Gov. Snyder’s money windfall for for big business in Michigan as they are given tax breaks at the taxpayers expense to boost their profits here in Michigan they still leave as their profit margin is STILL NOT LARGE ENONGH for them. These companies that leave the US for cheap labor and all the wages around the world go up and there are no more places to do their business at a higher profit margin. There is no real loyalty to the areas that have accepted them and the workers that help make the company to what it is today. One point to remember is that QUALITY starts from the top in which decisions for enginerring, quality parts, as the list goes on to produce a good product and not looking at cheaper and lower quality materials to pruduce the same product what ever it might be as the same quailty usually does not come about from the original.

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