WARREN (WWJ) – Warren Mayor Jim Fouts wants to “blast” the usual mosquito breeding grounds throughout the city, before West Nile Virus becomes a problem this summer.

Mayor Fouts wants city council to approve the purchase of mosquito prevention treatments for the city’s 18,000 catch basins.

Fouts recently met several city department heads to begin an aggressive program to treat areas of the city that may contain stagnant standing water, which are ideal spots for mosquito infestations.

Under the program, homeowners could be fined up to $1,000 for failing to rid their property of stagnant water that collects in wheelbarrows, garden equipment, pool covers and other stuff around the yard.

Fouts said he is really pushing the issue this year due to the heavy amounts of rain the area has encountered in the last several months.

He hopes by controlling mosquito breeding in early summer, it will reduce heavy mosquito biting in late summer and early fall.

According to Fouts, Michigan was one of the top two states in both fatalities and serious illnesses caused by West Nile nearly 10 years ago.

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  1. stanley says:

    great. more govt revenue generators to aggressively break chops over mud puddles on someones property. gotta love the response 10 years after the fact.

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