TAYLOR  (WWJ/AP) РA bus driver in suburban Detroit ordered a woman who was breast-feeding her newborn to cover up while nursing or get off the vehicle.

Afrykayn Moon, 32, held her ground during the June 24 confrontation, but the SMART system bus driver refused to leave the bus stop in Taylor until Moon’s baby was done feeding.

“I had him in a football wrap,” Moon told the Detroit Free Press of her son. “She (the driver) wasn’t seeing much.”

Security officers from the nearby Southland Center mall boarded at the next stop and ordered the mother and child off the bus, Taylor police told WXYZ-TV.

SMART spokeswoman Beth Gibbons said the company will remind its 600 drivers that women can breast-feed on buses. The bus driver is on paid leave, pending an investigation.

Laws protect nursing mothers from indecent-exposure charges, but little else.

On Friday, Moon, who is part of the Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association, and others plan to stage a nurse-in at SMART facilities in Troy and in her hometown of Taylor.

“It’s not dirty. If enough people start to nurse their children in public, this kind of stuff would stop,” she told the Free Press.

Democratic state Sen. Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor is reintroducing legislation to prevent discrimination against breast-feeding women in Michigan. It was introduced in 2009 but didn’t advance in the Legislature.

The Associated Press contibuted to this report.

Comments (9)
  1. Primetime Editorials says:

    this is pathetic
    abuse of authority
    that bus driver knows that baby would have drove us all crazy on that bus if she didnt feed the child
    she should sue this is awful and embarassing
    i think all women should have a feed-off on the bus

  2. Guest says:

    How do these Idiots not realize that ITS ILLEGAL TO PREVENT A MOTHER FROM BREASTFEEDING

    Some people need to mind their own business and do their own damn jobs.

  3. Marsha says:

    I’m sorry but, as a woman I have no desire to see you pull out your boobs in restaurants, buses or any public places. I don’t care how “natural” it is, ONLY IN AMERICA have I ever seen this, why can’t you pump a bottle full to take with you instead of making everyone around you uncomfortable.

    1. Jasmine says:

      Actually, Marsha, America is one of the only places where breastfeeding in public creates such a stir. You don’t hear about these issues in other countries because everyone views it as the normal, natural way to feed children. Do you realize how uncomfortable it would be for mothers to deal with breasts full of milk when they are around their babies but unable to feed them in public? Do you realize how confusing it is for a baby to be right by his or her mother but unable to feed and comfort themselves in the way that their instincts insist upon? The primary purpose of breasts is for nourishing and sustaining children (yes, children, not just infants). You see, most countries do not view breasts as purely sexual. They honor them for their amazing ability to create the perfect food for young humans.

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