DETROIT (WWJ) – A Harrison Township man is suing the Detroit Police Department’s gang squad. DeJuan Hodges-Lamar says he stopped to fill up at a gas station on the city’s east side when he was attacked by three members of the police gang squad

Hodges-Lamar, who was 19-years old at the time, was on his way home from college when the alleged attack occurred.

“There is no possible, no possible reason … for them to act like this,” said Jonathan Marko, the young man’s attorney.

“I mean, he didn’t have anything on him, he wasn’t breaking any laws. He was just a law-abiding citizen trying to get some gas,” Marko told WWJ.

Hodges-Lamar alleges in a federal lawsuit that he was searching for his license and registration when a gang squad member grabbed him, tore him out of the car, and shoved him face-down into the pavement.

“He doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else, and, if it could happen to him for this it could happen to anybody. And, you know, being a citizen in Detroit or anywhere you shouldn’t be scared of people who are sworn to protect you,” Marko said.

City officials were not immediately available for comment.

Comments (2)
  1. Jim Seery says:

    Let us not forget that every story has two sides.
    Seems that something is missing.

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