LIVONIA (WWJ) – Should the city of Livonia be able to ban medical marijuana?

A couple who want to grow the drug there will square off with the city once again before a Wayne County Circuit Judge. And as the city prepares to defend it’s ban against medical marijuana, City Attorney Michael Fisher says Livonia’s ban should stand because medical marijuana is still against federal law. “There are now over 100,000 people in Michigan who have marijuana cards. My guess is maybe a hundred, at most a thousand, of those people actually have a medical need. This law is gradually turning into, sort of, a bill of rights for stoners,” says Fisher.

61-year-old Linda Lott, part of the couple suing the city, is an MS patient who’s legally blind. She wants to grow the drug in Livonia because she says she needs it to treat her condition. However, Fisher says officials want to prevent the threat of violence.

“Medical marijuana facilities elsewhere have been known to be magnets for crime because once people who want marijuana know that it can be had, legally or illegally in a location, they begin to appear there and they may not be too picky about how they get the marijuana,” says Fisher.

The case continues, today, in Wayne County Circuit Court.

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  1. Cheech Chong says:


    Dave’s not here………..he’s in court fighting for medical dope

    Besides Michigan, being overweight and undereducated, is now competing for more drug usage. And many unemployed wonder why more business does no business in Michigan. Updating Dean Wormer’s comment from Animal House, “Fat, drugged and stupid is no way to go through life, son”.

    1. OldDog says:

      It’s a tad better than going thru life Fat, Drunk and stupid.

    2. sean says:

      It’s fat, DRUNK, and stupid. Moron.

  2. Dan says:

    What is the city of Livonia smoking? In this time of cities going broke, they can spend time and money on such silliness by going to court. The “War on Drugs” is the biiggest “money pit” this country has ever created. Of course it’s job security for all those federal agencies.

    1. Mike says:

      The city is doing exactly what a city should be doing and that is controlling the safety of its citizens to the best of its ability. This is not only a right of the city, it is a

      1. olddog says:

        What do you mean they are controlling the safety of it’s citizens? They have not had the nerve to check any of the thousands of people in Livonia with MM cards. They are nothing but a joke. First they have to get off their lazy rear ends, then they will spend a ton of taxpayers money to lose even more when they are sued. I have a MM card and live in Livonia and could care less what City Hall thinks.

      2. pete says:

        That is the most redictulious thing I have ever heard. I live in livonia and have for 40 years now, i ve watched this city become more and more policed every year, the last thing i need is livonia’s protection from my neighbor using or growing medicial marijuana in his basement. we didnt vote for this ordinance nor do a majority of people in this city want it. in fact i believe the voters have spoken on this issue and find it shamefull that the city i live in is treating its tax payers in such a way,also if they have enough extra money to waste on putting sick people in jail for growing marijuana,lower my tax’s

      3. JULIO says:

        this mike guy is an idiot.. the right of a city?? how about our rights? that majority OF US, the people who voted for our rights to seek alternative medecine OTHER than what these white collars who are only worried about them selling LESS of their MAN MADE drugs in the form of pills.. Also, LIVONIA IS A JOKE… who the h#LL does the LIVONIA procuter think he is, last i checked he is a city procuter not a federal procuter….. and livonia last time i checked is a CITY that happens to be in the STATE OF MICHIGAN, same state that THROUGH VOTES passed the MMMP..

  3. donny says:

    livonia politicians are corrupt. had some cash gone to the right people you wouldbe seeing any of this. believe me i know their little game.

    1. Mike says:

      Donny, sounds like you were using when you commented.

      1. Dave says:

        Sorry Mike, You must live in a fantasy world. Donny has the correct picture painted regarding the politicians.

      2. pete says:

        Mike, I believe Donny has hit the nail on the head, sounds like you were the one a little buzzed when you commented

  4. Jillian Galloway says:

    On June 17, 1971, President Nixon told Congress that “if we cannot destroy the drug menace in America, then it will surely destroy us.” After forty years of trying to destroy “the drug menace in America” we still *haven’t* been able to destroy it and it still *hasn’t* destroyed us. Four decades is long enough to realize that on this incredibly important issue, President Nixon was wrong! All actions taken as a result of his invalid and paranoid assumptions (e.g. the federal marijuana prohibition) should be ended immediately!

    It makes no sense for taxpayers to fund the federal marijuana prohibition when it *doesn’t* prevent people from using marijuana and it *does* make criminals incredibly wealthy and incite the Mexican drug cartels to murder thousands of people every year.

    We need legal adult marijuana sales in supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies for exactly the same reason that we need legal alcohol and tobacco sales – to keep unscrupulous black-market criminals out of our neighborhoods and away from our children. Marijuana must be made legal to sell to adults everywhere that alcohol and tobacco are sold.

    There’s something extraordinarily perverse when we’re so concerned about preventing addicts from having access to drugs that we destroy the lives of many times more people, either through untreated pain or other drug war damage.

  5. Mike Humphrey says:

    If they would stop spending the billions of tax dollars to try and stop something that some seem to want and tax the legal sale of drugs instead of costing Americans money it would generate Tax Dollars if someone is dumb enough to get addicted or dead from the drugs then so be it. costs less to bury them than to hunt , house and feed them, the economics of this drug war does not add up so this leaves one to wonder why is this so important to the Government that is far beyond broke as it is .

  6. A Peaceful 'CRIMINAL' says:

    what is wrong with growing a PLANT? livonia, i would like you to tell me what MJ doesnt do. If it was allowed you woulndnt have any crime, oh wait, YOU WOULDNT MAKE ANY MONEY BECAUSE YOU DEPEND ON CRIME TO EMPLOY YOUR POLICE WHO PULL LEGAL PATIENTS OVER ILLEGALLY AND HARASS THEM

  7. olddog says:

    City Attorney Michael Fisher is not educated enough to guess about anyone’s medical condition. This boob should be run out of town on a rail.

  8. peachhhh says:

    try to remember the reason behind all of this – someone with cancer or other medical condition struggling to feel better, stop the nausea or get relief from pain.

  9. Guest says:


    They wanted to put me in jail for a year for possession of a joint.I can tell you smoking pot is far less damaging to a person than being told smoking pot will make you into a murdering rapist and thrown in a tiny cell.

    People drink all the time,and no one makes a deal out of it.Not to mention those who put down pot are often all goofed up on meds and other painkillers.

    Being told smoking one joint will make you go out and kill little girls Is mental abuse.

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