PierinoFoods, Inc.

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1695 Southfield Rd., Lincoln Park
866-GO-PASTA (866-467-2782)

Pierino Guglielmetti, the founder of Pierino Frozen Foods, was raised in the town of Guardia Piemontese, located in the province of Cosenza, in southern Italy. He was awarded the degree of Chef from the famous Enalc Institute in Calabria, Italy. Early in the sixties, he and his family journeyed to America with the dream of turning their passion for good Italian food into a successful business. For a number of years, he first worked as head chef in a popular Detroit restaurant. In the evenings, with the help of his wife, Ida, Pierino began making ravioli by hand in his Melvindale, Michigan home kitchen. He also spent evenings promoting his single product to restaurants and specialty stores throughout the Detroit Area.

Pierino’s steady growth from a small, handmade ravioli vendor to a respected pasta-making facility is evidence of the company’s dedication to its customers and its products. Still privately held, neither quality nor flexibility have been sacrificed to bring the best product to market and to you. So partner with
Pierino, and bring the best Italian pasta to the table.

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