Snyder Pushes Med Claims Tax Before Summer Break

LANSING (WWJ) – On the last full day of work before a summer break, Governor Rick Synder is pushing the legislature to finalize a new medical claims tax.

It’s a one percent surcharge on all medical services in the state that would raise about $140 million to keep the Medicaid system afloat. However, in the Michigan Senate, Macomb County republican Jack Brandenberg tells WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick that he’s not enamored with it at all. “If indeed it is proven to me that it does cost $140 million more, can’t vote for it,” he says. And when asked if it sounded like a tax hike, Brandenberg says, “yes, it does.”

The governor says he needs this tax to plug a $1.2 billion hole in the state budget.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be a long break from the state capitol for lawmakers who will leave for two months after they adjourn Thursday.

Former Governor Jennifer Granholm once criticized lawmakers for the vacation, however Governor Snyder says they’ll still be working. “They’re not really taking time off, they’re back working in their districts which is part of the normal tradition,” says Snyder.

  • Nancy Garman

    Sooo … Governor Snyder says that during the 2 month break that our representatives are still working, but they are in their home district doing so. Well … that is EXACTLY WHAT TEACHERS DO EVERY YEAR!!! We work on curriculum, improve our lesson plans, create new and innovative ways of teaching hard lessons, etc. all while we are at home! WHY ARE TEACHERS THE “EVIL ONES” FOR DOING THE EXACT SAME THING?!

    • Nancy Garman

      For example, I work 150 more hours during the 9 month “school year” than a person who works 50 weeks at 40 hours per week. THEN I go home during my “summer off” (that makes me laugh every time I say it) and I work at least 2-3 hours a day on improving what I do in the classroom for the next year.

  • cecelia lapinsky

    Gov. Rick Snyder is a complete IDIOT for wanting to put a 1% surcharge on ALL medical services in Michigan. Where o’ where does he get these STUPID IDEAS? He really needs to get RECALLED. HELP< HELP< HELP

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