ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – It’s the first day of July and the first day of a smoking ban at the University of Michigan.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell got reaction to the ban from some of the students.

The smoking ban which is now in effect on the campus of University of Michigan Ann Arbor – has a lot of students saying that the ban is a good idea.

Although some concerns have been raised as students question how it will be enforced and will it go too far?

“I think students are just going to smoke anyway,” says one student, who added that they would not intervene if they saw a someone smoking on campus.

As the campus may rely on voluntary compliance some students say that they are not going to be the cops on campus to enforce the smoking ban.

  1. Baja K says:

    It is almost tragic that Colleges/Universities…centers of learning…centers of science and medicine…accept the claims of the Anti Smoking PR campaign.

    Are there no microscopes or other technologies on campus that can analyze a typical cigarette to see if it even contains tobacco (the ostensible target of outrage and legislation), or if it’s only tobacco, or if it contains industrial contaminants that are already known to cause what some prefer to call “smoking-related illnesses”?

    Are there no researchers who might look up info on legal Case History to find that the commonly-used EPA material about harms of “ETS” (environmental tobacco smoke) was thrown out of Federal Court (by anti smoking judge Osteen) as fraudulent? …AND that the EPA has not yet challenged the substance of his determination?

    Are there no political education students (or professors) who can find that the pushers of such smoke bans are invariably economically linked to the parts of the cigarette industry that most want to scapegoat smokers and the public domain tobacco plant for the harms caused by non-tobacco cigarette adulterants?
    (This refers to pesticides, chlorine, paper, ag biz, pharmaceuticals that contribute pesticides and additives, suppliers of cellulose for fake tobacco, suppliers of radioactive phosphate tobacco fertilizers, suppliers of burn accelerants, AND their insurers and investors?

    Are there no students of History that might glance back at the origins of Reefer Madness…the war on that other smokable plant, cannabis…and how that was promoted by pretty much the same pesticide, chlorine, industrial cartel that now pushes what might be called “Tobacco Madness”?

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