TROY (WWJ) – Growing support Friday for a local woman who was told to leave a SMART bus because she was breastfeeding.

Afrykahn Moon and others will stage a “nurse-in” Friday morning at a SMART bus terminal in Troy.

It all stems from an incident last week in which a SMART bus driver told a mom from Taylor to cover up her baby while nursing or get off the vehicle.

Moon refused, so the female driver kept the bus in park until the baby was done feeding. She was eventually escorted off the bus at the next stop.

Black Mother’s Breast Feeding Association founder Kiddada Green said Moon has their full support.

“It’s the law and it’s a natural human right to feed your baby when your baby is hungry,” Green said.

“It’s certainly public awareness and to get main corporations to get them to create breastfeeding policies so that their employees are aware of a woman’s basic right and a child’s basic right to eat,” she continued.

The bus driver involved in the flap is on paid leave pending an investigation. SMART said it’s reminding the system’s 600 drivers that women can breast feed while on buses.

The “nurse-in” will take place at 9 am at the SMART bus terminal on Barrett in Troy.

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  1. Food for Thought says:

    Lets picket to tittsburg

  2. fred detroit says:

    I cannot wait until the lawsuit that will be filed against the bus system when, sooner or later, the feeding baby bite off the mother’s nipple as a result of the bus going over a bump. Perhaps, instead of seeking 15 minutes of fame, the mother and her enablers should thank the driver for keeping the bus in park while she showed him that her desires trumped everyone else’s including common sense

    1. Jennifer Stimson says:

      Sorry, Fred. Feeding a baby is not a “desire.” Is having lunch a “desire” for you?

      1. Erin says:

        Fred, you obviously have zero experience with feeding babies naturally. Really? Bite off a nipple? She didn’t ask them to wait while she nursed, they did so out of ignorance. A child has a right to eat anywhere and any time, and it’s only in this country that we’re so mind blowingly repressed about breasts. She didn’t whip out her vagina, for goodness’ sake. She just fed her child, and is federally protected in doing so.

  3. dcxdan says:

    Fred Detroit…… I heard the bus driver is a woman.

  4. sandra says:

    Where does the mother being black have anything to do with this? Black mothers breast feeding association? What about white mothers? Does there have to be a difference in a mother feeding her baby? Shouldn’t they all get the same treatment? So now this is gonna be some racist thing? Yes mother’s can feed their babies but make sure you have it covered so there is no indecent ex poser some people do not want to see your breasts!

    1. Dante says:

      Breasts are not ‘indecent exposure’ any more than ears or midriffs or toes. Yup, some people are super turned on by lips, that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t expose their lips while they eat. So breasts can be attractive, that doesn’t mean you don’t use them for their main purpose based on location. You take care of your child, period. If you want to cover, fine. If you don’t, fine. It’s no one else’s business!

    2. Kiddada says:

      There were supporters of all races. The mothers race had nothing to do with the incident. It just so happened that she was a 3 year member of Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA). Her affiliation with the organization helped to get the word out about the incident. BMBFA’s regular collaborations and partnerships with other lactation organizations helped to bring moms together of all races to support all mothers right to breastfeed in public. I don’t think anyone was making this a race issue. It’s a human rights issue.

    3. Peacegirl12 says:

      Sandra, I believe that since the rate of women of color who breastfeed is lower than the national average they probably founded that group to inspire and support those women. Its not that strange honestly, having support groups for certain subsets of the population. I’ve seen support groups for young/ teen mothers who breastfeed, groups for adoptive mothers who breastfeed and groups for mothers of multiples who breastfeed. There are also many other just general breastfeeding support and education groups out there. I don’t think by the mere existence of these groups make this issue into “some racist thing” as you say. That’s a little ridiculous.

  5. Jennifer Stimson says:

    Breasts are made to feed babies. That’s why they produce milk. If people gawk or are uncomfortable with seeing part of a breast they are free to look away, which is what I used to do before I breastfed my baby. Easy fix:)

    Good for her that she stood up for her rights and the law!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sharon says:

    First, I agree with Sandra – does everything have to become a race issue. Secondly, I realize that babies need to and have a right to be feed. I breastfed by children. However, we do have the responsibility to take other people’s feelings into consideration. How hard is it to place a blanket over yourself when breastfeeding. I considered this to be an intimate bonding time with my children; not a time to demonstrate.

    1. Cameron says:

      It’s not a demonstration to feed your child without a cover. You have to be taught to view breasts as something private and sexual, it doesn’t come naturally. So don’t think your repressions *should* affect anyone who’s more comfortable with themselves. Especially when it comes to taking care of a child’s basic needs.

    2. Kit says:

      When temps are in the 80’s would you cover your child or yourself with a blanket? Be reasonable here.

  7. Dee says:

    Her child has a right to eat where ever and when ever, its that childs right! Glad she stood up for herself and her baby. Oh yea and how about you put a blanket over your head and eat! And to fred YOU ARE A IDIOT!

  8. Mimi says:

    Glad it was a great turn out. I am truly sadden that a women would do that to another woman. I breastfeed my daughter and I do cover up but it is a choice and not something that is forced. I hope something is done to teach that driver a lesson.

  9. Keva says:

    If your going to report a story please make sure you have your fact correct….your article is the only one out of over 30 I have read NOT including from regular bloggers that said she was escourted off the bus later down the line. THAT IS A LIE, SHE WAS NEVER ESCOURTED OFF THAT BUS. She after the driver continued to harrass her after she saw she could not have Ms Moon removed…then called her brother to come get her and got off down the line on her own. This story was reported by local 2,4,7 and from Ms Moon own mouth that she got off down the line on her own. Tell the truth and state the FACTS. All it take is one story to lie and it that is not fair when telling anyones story.

  10. Kallie says:

    As a breastfeeding mother myself, I’m glad that she stood up for her right to feed her child. I do think, though, that simply placing a cover over her breasts would reduce discomfort for others and cut down on potential drama (c’mon, folks, even here in Miami a cotton burping-rag isn’t going to kill you). I don’t see a big deal with breasts, but many Americans still do (including the folks who give films PG-13 or R ratings), and personally, I still think breastfeeding is an intimate event. There’s no shame in urinating — but we still go into a private stall to do so. Show a bit of discretion, but breastfeed publicly and proudly!

  11. Duff says:

    Support the breastfeeding mothers by showing up to the “Nurse-In”!!!
    Bring your still cameras and your video cameras and video the event in its entirety to post online for every one on the web to see.
    Be Proud!! and show the world what you got!!

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