LANSING (WWJ) – Just before the Michigan legislature took off for vacation on Friday, WWJ’s Chrystal Knight spoke with the Governor about his first six months in office.

Gov. Rick Snyder detailed his greatest accomplishments so far while in office, which include reforming the state’s budget in a timely manner and tax reform – two keys he said are necessary to help reinvent Michigan.

“By doing these reforms, it really creates a better environment for job creation, because it all comes down to the need for more and better jobs and keeping our young people in Michigan,” Snyder said.

The Gov. also weighed in on the pending motorcycle helmet law that’s expected to reach his desk in couple of weeks. Under the proposed legislation, anyone over 21 could decide whether or not to wear a helmet, but they must have $100,000 worth of insurance.

“No, I’m not sure the plan is going to make it all the way through, because I’d like to look at the issue, but as a practical matter I’d like to do it in the context of on broader auto insurance reforms. Say, are there a number of things that we should put on the table all at once to say these are all worth looking at and when that arrives, we’ll get to that point,” Snyder said.

And as everyone celebrates Independence Day weekend, the Gov. sends this message:

“Just look forward to a great Fourth of July. It’s a great time to get out. The fireworks in Detroit were fabulous this week. While we’re working hard on these other things, lets celebrate and have some fun in this state. It’s a great place to be.”

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    Thank you Gov. Snyder for a job well done. There are still three more items that need “correction” in the state.

    1. Make the state a “Right ot Work” state……….
    2. Pass legislation that heavily fines an employer, 1st. offense for hiring an illegal alien. The state of Georgia has a very good new law on this matter.
    3. Pass legislation that shows that Sharia Law is “never” used in this state!

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