(Adrian-WWJ) John Skelton, whose three young sons disappeared last Thanksgiving Day, continues to contend in jailhouse interviews that he gave the children to a sanctuary group and that they are alive.

In a series of interviews with the Detroit Free Press, Skelton insists he does not know the whereabouts of nine year-old Andrew, seven year-old Alexander and Tanner, who is five. The boys were last seen playing in the back yard of Skelton’s home in Morenci, in Lenawee County, last November 25.

Skelton remains jailed on charges of kidnapping. Police do not believe his story and are treating the case as a homicide investigation, though Skelton has not been charged with murder.

Skelton claims he only knows the first names of the people he gave the children to and says he won’t know where they are until he is released from jail.

Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks says if Skelton wants his sons to be returned to him, he needs to start working with authorities. “If he has a desire to talk,” says Weeks, “we’re certainly here. We want to find those boys desperately.”

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Comments (3)
  1. Spooky Spiritis says:

    he doesnt know where they are until he is released from jail?
    what a loser
    i hope they come back and haunt him

  2. MASTERMECH48 says:

    First off remand custody of the boys to” THE STATE” pending clarification of mother molesting her own son(s). No entity is going to cooperate to expose the kids until this is cleared up. Custody cannot go to the parents, grand parents or any relatives….Personal belief, If the system had taken action at the initial verbal complaint, we would not be in this situation. Don’t believe the “SYSTEM” can now be trusted as a worthy assistant.

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