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People love listening to the news.

They like TALKING about the news.

They even like complaining about the news.

And I think that’s great.

I love the fact that what we do at WWJ  sparks something inside of people.  Makes people listen and react.  Makes them laugh.  Makes them angry.  Whatever.  I love the news.

But here’s what I can’t stand.

I cannot stand when someone calls me, SEVERAL TIMES, to complain about a story.  But they don’t actually TALK with me.

They leave anonymous messages filled with swear words in my voice mail.

They don’t leave their name.  They don’t leave a call back number.

They just want to swear at someone and vent.  And then hang up.

I don’t get that.

Let’s talk.  You know.  Like human beings sometimes do?

For the record…this  particular caller didn’t like the news story about Casey Anthony getting a job offer to be a porn star.

casey anthony Complaint Call

The caller today said he just hopes “that b–ch gets a bullet in her head.”

Thanks for sharing.

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