LANSING (WWJ) – How are we doing in fighting  the Battle of The Bulge? Michigan was named the tenth most obese state in the country, according to a new national report on obesity by the Trust For America’s Health. 

So, why are we so fat? Providence Park Hospital registered dietician Emily Schwartz sees on average 8 to 10 overweight patients a day.  She says it’s like the old saying: “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

“Your brain and your stomach together can’t process fullness until about 20 minutes after you’ve started eating,” Schwartz  told WWJ’s Greg Bowman.

“And most of us eat much faster than that, so, we’re typically able to exceed our satiety well before our brain catches up with that and we begin to realize that we are, in fact, full,” she said.

Schwartz said Michigan generally ranks near the top, in part because our large cities don’t have good access to fresh foods and vegetables.

“If you live in a big city and there’s not a grocery store or Meijer or anything like that for miles, often times there’s just conveniece stores or gas stations, then there’s no fresh produce or anything like that there … then you’re forced into eating burritos or hot dogs and things like that when obviously are not good for you,” Schwartz said.

Adult obesity rates increased in 16 states in the past year including Michigan and did not decline in any state. Twelve states including Michigan now have obesity rates above 30 percent. 

The full report with state rankings in all categories is available at

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  1. RickVB says:

    In the interest of full disclosure (since WWJ either chose to not disclose this, or didn’t do the research) the organization (Trust for America’s Health) that produced this study is a advocacy group for public policy that interferes with individual choice. They are run by a career leftist (former Connecticut governor Lowell Weicker, Jr), and have been funded by George Soros’ Tides foundation.

    The study itself uses several questionable approaches to arriving at it’s conclusions, including the 30 BMI designation of “obese”, which is the subject of ongoing controversy, and data collection by phone interview, hardly a way to get accurate weight data.

    All of this information is available on the organization’s website, which is linked at the end of the story. Check for yourself…

    1. Miraz says:

      Or in other words, you can’t dispute what I’ve just said, so you ghuotht you’d attack my character instead? BTW, there’s someone in the DAB industry that your description also fits to the letter, but I’ve never mentioned it on my website.And on the subject of my success or otherwise, I totally disagree that if I were sweetness and light at each and every opportunity that I came into contact with anybody in the DAB industry it would make a blind bit of difference to my success . Members of the DAB industry, whether it be through personal, professional or financial vested interests, will always show preference to DAB, and my behaviour would never stop that.What I can do, though, and what I feel I’m pretty good at, is holding a mirror up to the DAB industry, and exposing things that they’d prefer were left covered up examples being: DAB audio quality, DAB+, and more recently the various issues concerning the BBC’s motives for their decision-making for the Internet radio streams.My success, therefore, is based on things like the number of people who’re made aware of the issues I cover, and not whether I’m able to actually change policy. And presumably you wouldn’t deny that I’ve been successful in spreading the word about DAB’s audio quality problems and the fact that DAB+ exists when the broadcasters dearly wanted absolutely nodoby to find out about it?

  2. Jermeen says:

    I made it upThe GAO report nclcoudes , the seperation of church and state is being violated and yes over 1 billion a year spent on it, from my other link, remember you accused me of making the number up. The GAO report also concluded the programs are not being audited for success and spending. You display a portion which shows how your Anti-american theocratic flunkies are blurring the line between religion and the goals of the social program. The GAO report proves my point. It is an unmonitored, unproven, bottomless pit of spending. The faithed based programs are sick, reek of third worldism, discriminate against people who wish not to goto a church to feed their children (the south is where these theocratic programs play he most impact). You would rather give tax $$$ to “mega church” fake Christians, over proven social programs which have worked to an extent since the 1950’s, fine. it just proves you have a mission, to destroy the foundations of America, and replace it with a backwards theocratic hand-out to church’s that support the warped GOP. It is all comming to an end, the sick attmepts of destroying America by a radical sect of the Republican party is comming to a hault, come November. The anti-American party is over, radicalYour grade: F-you debunked nothing

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