Things to expect from Jessica Simpson’s new perfume:

Doak – I know the local Blacksmith and Candelstick maker are going right out to purchase one for their wench
Greatest Marketing ploy ever… Market to older people … who forget where they put it and they buy another – Jessica Simpon’s no dummy – Brad Shelby TWP
Things to expect from Simpson gain pounds. Brian Rochester Hills
Najeh Davenport is wearing it cuz the scent is meant to honor Jessica’s multipoo. Karl at Work
Things to expect from a name like “I Fancy You”…customers who buy it also get a free pair of knickers and a complimentary ride home by an SJP drawn carriage. Donny
Larry King and Greg Oden love the young and fresh name of Jessica Simpsons new perfume. Andy
What to expect from “I Fancy You”…Tony Romo will release a cologne called “I Dumped You”. Cory
What to expect from Simpson’s perfume…the scent of Werther’s Originals will really make Grandpa’s britches move. J2 at work
What to expect from “I Fancy You”…expect Gator’s dad to say “That skirt smells great!!” Tim Sterling Hgts
and this is number one
What to expect…Rod Allen will rush out to buy a bottle mistakenly thinking it was called “I See You!!” K in Brighton


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