Wild Hogs Order To Take Effect In October

LANSING (AP) – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has drafted a new order that lists sporting swine as an invasive species – effective October 8.

The DNR made the announcement Friday, saying it was acting on a request from Gov. Rick Snyder. The action is intended to give the Legislature more time to pass laws regulating sporting swine hunting and breeding facilities in Michigan.

The animals are a mix of Eurasian or Russian boars or swine that are bred and used for hunting purposes.

The original order listing sporting swine as an invasive species was signed by former DNR Director Rebecca Humphries in December but post-dated Friday at the request of incoming legislative leaders, who wanted a chance to fashion regulatory laws.

Agriculture leaders told the Kalamazoo Gazette the swine are a threat to commercial agriculture because of the diseases they may harbor.

Environmentalists don’t like the animals because, when they escape and establish feral populations, they can destroy birds, wildlife and habitat.

“Michigan pork producers are extremely disappointed by this decision to delay the implementation of a ban against an invasive species that puts Michigan businesses, Michigan agriculture and tens of thousands of Michigan jobs at risk,” Mary Kelpinski, executive director of the Michigan Pork Producers Association, said Friday.

The state House has passed legislation, and the extension will give the Senate an opportunity to act on the bills.

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  • Mike

    Speaking of swine, let’s put back all the regulation on investment banks that has been peeled away by republicans and democrats over the last fifty years. speaking of swine, if rich people want to hunt non-indigenous species of any animal, let them go to the countries they flourish in, not lobby for their introduction here. Just another way for them to destroy our country.

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