Ways to spice up the MLB Home Run Derby:

Everytime Chris Berman says “back, back, back, back” you see gratuitous cut aways of Kim Kardashian. Jason
Occasionally have the pitcher plunk a guy Scott

They should let them use metal bats. Then maybe Inge coulda hit one out……Jeff in Hazeltucky

Ways to make the Home Run Derby more interesting… Replace Chris Berman with the Dos Equis guy. I don’t always watch the Home Run Derby.. But when I do, i prefer it Berman-less. Beeler Detroit

How to spice up the home run derby: every announcer hit is worth five homers. Berman is worth ten. -b@work
spice up home run derby – player with lowest home run total must have sex with Nancy Grace on the field with the lights on. Paul canton

How to spice up the Home Run Derby : bring in Posh Spice and see which Derby contestant can hit a ball closest to her home planet. Bret Farmington

How do u make the home run derby better? combine it with the world trap shooting competition….”PULL” (J.A./Brighton)

Ways to make the HR derby more interesting: Have Hope Solo in the OF trying to stop HRs. -montana mark
number one….

Have lady gaga participate… we know she she likes to swing from both sides of the plate. ~wojo. NEW BBALTIMORE


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