FERNDALE (WWJ) – A 70-year-old woman has been sentenced to probation convicted of growing marijuana at her home.

Barbara Agro of Lake Orion was working as a receptionist at the Clinical Relief marijuana clinic in Ferndale when it was raided last August. At that time, she told authorities she had marijuana plants growing at her home. Deputies searched the house and found 19 marijuana plants.

Convicted of manufacturing and delivering marijuana, Agro was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Wendy Potts to 90 days probation and 20 hours of community service.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better from the judge. As far as I’m concerned, the judge is very fair against the protests of Miss Hand,” said Agro.

Beth Hand, with the Oakland County Prosecutors office had argued for a longer probation period.

Agro, who said she was using  medical marijuana for extreme arthritis in both knees, was also banned from using the drug while on probation.

“I’m not going to be able to do anything for pain,” Agro told reporters. “All I can take is Tylenol, you know, and they can prescribe Tylenol with codeine, which kills your kidneys after a while. That’s the only thing I’ve ever been able to take,” she said.

Agro, along with several others,  is still facing charges related to the Ferndale raid.

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  1. Dr. Leo Marvin says:

    What a huge waste of taxpayer money! How much did it cost to investigate, harass, intimidate, arrest, and prosecute this woman who broke no laws? Where is the “return on investment”? Then, here’s the real kicker: Oakland County played an instrumental role in the death of her husband Sal Agro. The wrongful death suit is coming…..

  2. abandonconflict says:

    I know I’ll sleep better at night knowing that this dangerous criminal won’t be able to treat her pain. That is what the system is designed to do, protect my safety and if that means that taxpayer money is spent and crooks lose liberty, so be it. Someone needs to give Beth Hand a raise, I’m sure her 6 figure salary is not enough for the hard work she does for us all.

  3. hempangle says:

    And they wonder why other country’s call us facist pigs.Where in the world did everything go wrong.The US is supose to be a country that all other country’s look up to.What is wrong with healing yourself.These marijuana laws have to be changed.Everybody should be able to grow at least 5 plants a year for their own familly’s health.I’m not talking about smoking it either.I mean ingesting the oil that comes from marijauna.There would be no more fat people if they ingested the oil,there would be no more cancer if taken like a vitamin.A person doesn’t need a degree to keep themselve healthy.We should not have to have organs surgically removed from our body’s.Cure these organs while they are in our body’s.The cure has been under our nose’s all the time.Millions of people have known about it for thousands of years.They have been using it for all these years.There is no money to be made off cannabis oil curing cancer or any other illness.The thing that scares the feds the most is that you can use it yourself to cure your illness’s.A doctor is not needed.Just think of how much your insurance premiums would be.$10 a month.I am not blowing smoke up nobodys dery air either.If the cops knew how good this stuff works they would not be arresting other people.Is there something else going on here?Could it be that satin is behind all of this.You don’t have to fear man,but you better fear God.We’ll see won’t we.

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