Bill’s Blog: Hell Yeah, I Want A Flying Car!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has approved a flying car. Anyone with a spare $250,000 and a valid driver’s license can have one of these Jetson-like modes of transportation (called the Transition).

Terrafugia, which is Latin for “escape from land”, is the company that is producing the car/plane.

There is a catch, of course. You can drive, not on a road, but at the airport. But you cannot leave the ground unless you have a pilot’s license. Someday they’ll waive the pilot’s license snag and we will ALL work for Spacely Sprockets!

– You can check out the video from CNN at this link –

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  • Mathew Simeon Souris

    I have been listening to 97.1 the ticket since I first owned a car in 2003. I have been listening ever since. I moved to Chicago seven months ago and kept listening via a tunein app for android. now it is blocked and I am upset. I live right by Wrigley, but I don’t care cause they suck, I hate Chicago and like that I can live here and it still be like I live back in Ann Arbor where I came from because of 97.1 on my phone. Whats the hell, do something, its stupid. Until the day I can move back to the area I rely on the app on my phone, it has disturbed my life, please help.


    Cubs fans are horrid, go Tigers. As for flying cars, I’m not paying taxes to improve potholes in the atmosphere.

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