DETROIT (WWJ) – A rape victim was thrown out of court during testimony about her attack, and now the attorney whose questioning led to the victim’s outburst is defending her actions.

The victim said she was beaten unmercifully and repeatedly raped by her alleged attacker, Curtis King . But, she decided to testify saying doesn’t want anyone else to have a similar experience.

Earlier this week, the victim, during what she considered to be a very aggressive cross-examination by her accused rapist’s attorney, lashed out, telling the lawyer, “Get on with it, (expletive)”, and was penalized with jail.

Speaking to reporters, Friday, defense attorney Gabby Silver responded to criticism that the questioning was too aggressive.

“Cross-examination, when you have a witness that, you know, is somewhat difficult for whatever reason, and she doesn’t want to answer questions, she doesn’t want to answer the question that are asked of her. Then it becomes a much more difficult process,” Silver said.

The rape victim said, following the incident, she was placed in a cell next to her attacker, who she said taunted her.  She told reporters she doesn’t believe she was treated correctly while on the stand.

“The way that she treated me, I don’t think she should be that kind of attorney,” the woman said. “Because, her tone … she was yelling. Everybody heard her outside the courtroom yelling at me. Her tone got louder,” she said.

She said Judge Vanessa Jones Bradley could have given her a warning or a fine, but instead decided to order her to jail for three days. The sentence was later reduced to one day.

Comments (6)
  1. Really? says:

    Why is the person identified as “the rape victim?” Where is the obligatory “alleged?” Why is there also an insinuation that the cross-examining attorney did something wrong? Doesn’t the accused deserve a good defense?Why is the accused perpetrator named in the article and the “alleged rape victim’s” name not included? This is extremely biased journalism. The author is writing a news article, not a commentary. Learn how to write like a professional please.

    1. NEON OVEN says:

      Yes, Really! Even the defense attorney acknowledges she was beaten and gang raped. The medical evidence confirms this. The only question was whether the Defendant was one of the men participated in the rape. I hope someone filed a judicial complaint against this Judge.

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    he is a loser and i hope he rots in jail

  3. Kate Jone says:

    her identity isn’t revealed because there are laws that prohibit it. Ever hear of Rape Shield Laws? It’s not shoddy journalism, it’s following the law.

  4. John Prewett says:

    The judge that jailed the rape victim just happens to be a female nxgger.

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