Can Immigrants Save Detroit?

DETROIT (WWJ) – During an appearance earlier this year on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg raised more than a few eyebrows when he suggested that immigrants could help turn cities like Detroit around.

Bloomberg said in big cities and small towns, immigrants have helped power an economic engine.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was intrigued with the concept and will take part in an immigration conference Monday at Wayne State, along with Mayor Bloomberg, via teleconference, and some other heavy hitters, including Compuware founder Peter Karmanos.

The free “Immigration and Michigan’s Economic Future” conference takes place Monday, July 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m..

  • A Michigan Resident

    Why does Michigan always look for a Messiah to save itself? Historically Michigan businesses went searching for Harvard Genius to save its industries from failure and doom. And now that people are leaving Michigan because of failed policies and economic squandering the state is looking for immigrants to save the day. Native Michigan residents and leaders must step up and demonstrate personal pride and ambitious work. Tough times require individual commitment from all native residents. Its not rational to expect strangers to shoulder the burden of recovery.

    Michigan needs to get smarter, healthier and work harder to save a future. It is also time for the slacker attitude to stop

  • Wendy

    I wholly agree with you, A Michigan Resident!

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