DETROIT (WWJ) – Chrysler Group is still in damage control mode following a second incident of employees being caught by undercover TV crews allegedly drinking and smoking marijuana before going to work.

FOX 2 featured the story earlier this week… saying it caught the workers drinking and smoking before their shift at a Trenton engine plant.¬† The station was reportedly given a tip by Chrysler workers tired of the actions of their co-workers.

Chrysler spokeswoman Shawn Morgan says the company is determining who was involved. Once the workers are identified, Chrysler says it will suspend them without pay until its investigation is complete.

Comments (2)
  1. D says:

    Fire them. There are plenty of people who will take those jobs and appreciate them.

  2. Cheech Chong says:

    Drinking and drugs has gone on in workplace America since the 60’s Hippy Revolution and before. This is the bigger problem in America, abuse of controlled substances. We, as a nation, need to reduce drug usage in America and stop the carnage in Mexico and other drug cartel countries waging war for the American supported dollar. America’s drug habit is killing thousands throughout Middle America. This is where the outrage must be directed.

    America needs to get smarter and less dependent on drugs

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