Want to take a mental break from the scorching temps in Michigan?  Head out to the west coast with me.  This trip, we’ll make stops in Monterey and Carmel.

california frog and such 126 From Michigan to Monterey

Scenic Monterey

All kinds of things to see and do along Cannery Row in Monterey.  Originally housing a sardine packing plant, Cannery Row is now  home to shops, hotels, spas and restaurants. 

california frog and such 107 From Michigan to Monterey

Cannery Row

Still, the natural beauty remains.  Ready to take a walk along the beautiful shoreline, I was prepared with a light jacket.  Temps here are in the 70s with a strong breeze.  Climbing down on the rocks, the view is worth it. 

california frog and such 121 From Michigan to Monterey

Me and Monterey

What a great place to recharge!  You could lose track of time watching the sea lions and kayaks.

california frog and such 123 From Michigan to Monterey

View from the rocks lining Cannery Row

On to the shops and restaurants that line Cannery Row.  To lure you in, several eateries offer free samples of clam chowder streetside.  I’m not normally a fan because of the heavy cream, but it was tasty!

california frog and such 109 From Michigan to Monterey

A taste of clam chowder at Cannery Row

california frog and such 110 From Michigan to Monterey

Delicious clam chowder!

For a quick dessert, I had to stop at Ghiradelli’s ice cream shop.  After all, Ghiradelli’s chocolate is a California staple. 

california frog and such 111 From Michigan to Monterey

Yes! Chocolate!

I made a mental note to check out the store in San Francisco then went inside to taste one of their specialites, a hot fudge sundae!  The portions were generous, so I shared this one with my husband.

california frog and such 136 From Michigan to Monterey

Vanilla ice cream and Ghiradelli's hot fudge!

On to beautiful Carmel by the sea, where Clint Eastwood once served as mayor.  I discovered Carmel still has a law on the books from the 1920s banning heels higher than 2″ to protect the city from heel wearers tripping over tree roots pushing up from the sidewalk!  Good thing I was wearing flats!  We stopped to catch a view of sea lions on an offshore island, but I could only see birds.

california frog and such 146 From Michigan to Monterey

Do you see any sea lions?

california frog and such 145 From Michigan to Monterey

Here's a closer look.

Another look at Carmel’s natural beauty. 

california frog and such 143 From Michigan to Monterey

Carmel by the sea


Next stop: San Francisco!

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