Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 7-19-11

Instant Feedback Fun. Why did Superman and Lois Lane breakup?
10. she wasnt impressed with him being “faster than a speeding bullet”
9. Superman and lois lane broke up because apparently kyptonite DOES effect size …..
8. Why did Superman and Lois Lane Break up? Superman got the jitters after he used his x-ray vision and saw Lois was pregnant, to which he Responded ” I See Ya Son!!!!”
7. Why the breakup: I don’t know but Supermans enemy #1 went from Lex Luther to Jason Richardson. Brett Pod
6. Reason why Superman and Lois Lane broke up….nude photos of Lois appeared on Jimmy Olsen’s Twitter account. Jack in New Baltimore
5. Why are Superman and Lois Lane not together? Kryptonite had nothing on the STD Snookie gave him! Phil westland
4. Reason Superman and Lois Lane broke up….Superman found multiple ‘Google’ searches on ‘Uses of Kryptonite’ on Lois’ lap top. Nadia from Berville
3. Why did superman and Lois lane break up? He would only take his clothes of in a phone booth. -Keagan from fenton
2. Superman came home early from a weekend away and found spider webs all over the fortress of solitude. Wil st. Clair
1. why Superman & Lois broke up – Superman was caught on “To Catch A Predator” meeting with Boy Wonder – he was only there to warn him about the Riddler. Paul


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